A Kiwi’s Journey on the Uru World Team in Tokyo 2019

Tinesha Carey’s Uru World Team Experience

Hockey Opens Doors Never ImaginableGryphon Tokyo World Cup Field Hockey 2019
Tinesha Carey dove into the hockey world in her late teens, and has seized every opportunity that she could. Originally from New Zealand, Carey has played around the world in Australia, Belgium, UK, Holland, the United States, and more. Carey played with Braxtaga and Gantoise Hockey Club in Belgium’s Premier League, played with Canterbury Hockey Club in England’s Premier League, and is currently playing for HC Klein Zwitserland in the Promotieklasse League in Holland.

She’s found both success at the team and individual level, winning the league with Braxgata, being the top scorer in various tournaments, and representing her country in Fiji at the Oceania Pacific Cup. Through hockey, Carey has made deep friendships and learned a lot about herself and the world.

In her eyes, “you take the opportunity, because you never know when you’ll ever get it again, and who knows what incredible journey will unfold.” That was exactly her attitude when she first came on board to join the Uru World Team in the Gryphon Tokyo Cup in March 2019.


Uru’s World Team Triumphed On & Off the Field
Uru Sports recruited a group of 16 elite athletes from all around the world in March of 2019 to compete in this premier tournament. Each athlete selected brought their excitement to play top-level hockey and unique knowledge of the hockey world through their individual, global sports journey.

While playing in Tokyo, the Uru Team encountered world-class competition like Team Coca-Cola, a professional team in Tokyo whose roster is full of athletes from the Japanese National Team. According to Carey, “it was pretty awesome playing the Coca-Cola team. It’s a different way that they play, and I had never experienced it before.” Apart from playing new and tough competition, the team also got to adventure a new city, going to a robot restaurant, teamLab Borderless, and checking out local fashion & cuisine.

Playing for the Uru World Team in Tokyo was a really cool experience – it makes you remember why you picked up a stick in the first place. With something like Tokyo, it’s competitive enough that ‘we need to win this’ but you can still have fun and create lifelong connections.” – Carey

Join Our Incredible Group of Uru Athletes in Tokyo 2020
This year, Uru Sports has partnered with Gryphon Hockey to create two powerhouse teams, one for men and one for women. The tournament will be hosted near downtown Tokyo. It will consist of strong teams and competition, while also bringing people together through sushi dinners and a post-tournament ski trip. It’s an experience where the global hockey community can unite, sharing their stories and knowledge of the hockey world. Carey concurred that the tournament “found people who are going to play hockey and put everything on the line, but also have a lot of fun too.”

To apply to become a part of the awesome Uru Gryphon Tokyo 2020 World Team, click here.

To check out more of Tinesha Carey’s accomplishments and follow her hockey journey, click here.

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