Announcing Uru Africa

Keeping with our goal and promise to access the worldwide network of hockey, we are excited to announce Uru Africa!


US Scholarships and International Playing Opportunities 

The Uru Team has a special heart for helping athletes find scholarships to play hockey at Universities in the USA. In addition to student athletes, we find players of all levels club playing opportunities internationally.

The international athletes we have placed to universities in the US came to our team confused and intimidated by the complex recruitment process at American universities. Our team is well versed in the recruitment process and continues to provide invaluable guidance for navigating the recruitment system.

Simon Martin, Pro Series Indoor’s founder (read more below), believes that:
“Uru is the perfect platform for young hockey lovers to connect with other players from around the world. It just makes 100% to sign up if you are interested in playing hockey or studying overseas”

Elite Leadership for Uru Africa

Garreth Ewing, current South African Assistant Coach, and Rassie Pieterse, the South African starting goal keeper, are both currently playing in the 2018 Men’s World Cup- proof of their connection to the highest level of play in the world.  Both Ewing and Pieterse have coached in the US college system and combined have over 25 years of playing or coaching internationally.

Expanding Our Network

After playing and coaching internationally, Ewing and Pieterse understand firsthand the benefit of playing overseas and want others to have the same life changing experiences. Uru Sports has already placed many South African athletes.

Here is a testimony from Charlie Bowren of Johannesburg:

Same Message, Second Location

Ewing and Pieterse believe in the universality of hockey. They believe hockey players and coaches should be proactive and involved in the process, so they can embrace the opportunity and add value to the club and community where they either play or coach.

Uru brings together like-minded players and coaches, making the hockey world closer in heart over vast distances. As our network continues to grow with Uru Africa, we plan to bring great hockey experiences and relationships to every club and every continent.

Uru Africa’s First Event

Uru Sports Launched at Pro Series Indoor (Psi) in Cape Town, South Africa

Uru Africa’s launch was in Cape Town at the Pro Series Indoor (PSi.) Since 2007, PSI has run international tournaments in countries across the world.

“PSi (Pro Series Indoor) is an indoor hockey concept that consists of Leagues, Regional, All Stars and National tournament. PSi caters for both girls and boys for age groups U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 & U18.” 

We were excited to partner with PSi because it allows us to support youth in the sport. As any athlete would testify, team sports teach some of the greatest life lessons. Their active engagement with the youth inspires us and others. PSi’s mission:

“To facilitate and mentor players’ hockey development as well as teaching valuable life skills such as team work, respect and decision making.Maintaining good competition but not focusing on “Win At All cost” but rather on Sportsmanship and Respect.” -PSi Hockey


If you’re a hockey athlete or coach from Africa seeking an international opportunity, learn more at Uru Africa!

Build your own Uru profile today to discover why so many coaches and players around the globe are joining the Uru Community!


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