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Australian Field Hockey Athlete Has a Decision to Make with Five NCAA Offers

Murphy pursues getting a field hockey scholarship to get her engineer degree in the USA

Maddy Murphy playing field hockey for Hockey Australia

The Uru Sports team recently got to catch up with the bubbly Maddy Murphy, a Tasmanian hockey player that signed up with Uru Sports in search of a playing opportunity at the college level in the United States. Maddy’s drive and ambition shows on and off the field, as she’s looking for the right University that will also support her while she studies to become an engineer.

In early March, Maddy had the chance to visit the campuses of the five NCAA Division I university’s that are actively recruiting her to play hockey! She and her father say this trip to America was the best they’ve ever experienced, as they were treated like royalty at every college stop they made, and had the chance to explore some of the United States’ finest cities. Maddy got to test out each university in hopes of finding the place where she felt most at home. This involved class room visits, to basketball games, to eating her very first s’more!

Official visits are a great chance to see which university is the best fit for you

Maddy captured some awesome footage from her American adventure, and recorded some follow up vlogs after she returned home from her trip. Watch the video below and she’ll take you with her on her college tour journey. Tune in to hear more about Maddy and her experience as she prepares to go play field hockey in the USA!


Considering how much Maddy enjoyed all of the stops on her college tour, it’s obvious she has a hard decision to make. It’s amazing to think that just five months ago, Maddy hadn’t even thought of becoming a student-athlete abroad. It wasn’t until someone introduced Maddy to the idea of playing at the college level in the U.S. that she realized it was something she would love to do.



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