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Everyone Can Benefit from Virtual Coaching…and Here’s Why


With clubs closed down and limited access to facilities and coaching, Uru Sports has decided to do something about it. We’ve launched Uru Virtual Coaching to help provide our hockey community with as much value during this time as possible. 

And we know… “virtual coaching” is an odd concept. There are a LOT of options moving online. There are social media challenges, videos to replicate and repost, webinars, fitness workouts to try, and more. With so many options, we focused creating Uru Virtual Coaching on the things that players, coaches, teams, and national organizations mentioned they wanted, but didn’t have. What’s that you ask?! Here’s what we did…


  • Live Training

Instead of just practicing drills that have been posted online, without any guidance, we’re providing 30-minute webcam sessions for players to connect with a Uru World Team member. During this session, players can go over their goals, chat about their level of play, and go through step-by-step skills with live instruction and real-time feedback. Uru Sports Virtual Coaching

“Ok ok, that’s cool, but who is running this session,” you may ask? Who is this “Uru World Team?” It is made up of Olympians, world champions and national team players from around the world including Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, USA, South Africa, and more. They are ready to give back by lending their expertise to other players and connect with athletes worldwide. There’s huge value in connecting with global athletes, and learning new drills, styles of play, and techniques.

“There were tons of valuable techniques and drills that I didn’t even learn at the collegiate level. It took going overseas to play pro in the UK in order to grow some of my skills. There’s a lot I wish I knew sooner. We’re looking forward to seeing people share information and ways to play.” Uru Sports Founder and CEO Ainsley McCallister claimed.    

The other major benefit of connecting with a Uru World Team coach, is that they’ve been there. The coaches know how to take a drill and slow it down, or advance it appropriately according to your skill level. Also, they relate to the pressure in athletics. All of our coaches are playing at the highest level, and on world stages. Learn about their unique stories and hear tips on strategy, fitness, and mental fortitude. Connecting players to give insight to younger athletes is a huge benefit of the program.    


  • Custom Programs and Follow Up

In many virtual programs, once players connect with their coach via webcam, that’s it. With Uru Virtual Coaching, our aim is to make sure that every player gets continued learning and instruction to ensure they work on the right technique and the right form to improve. 

That’s why we provide a follow-up 3-day workout plan with detailed instructions and it is customized for each individual player’s level. This is to prevent injury and over training. It’s important to recognize all factors of play, including rest, goal setting, and mental health. 

Along with the customized 3-day workout plan, participants can upload videos of themselves working on the skills they were taught onto the Uru App. From there, our coaches will provide feedback and comments to their continued improvement. That’s to continue to add value after our online program, and to keep true to our Uru Empowerment Cycle.  

The Uru Empowerment Cycle (see below) aims to let members track their own story, inspire those in the community, learn from others, connect to see what other people are doing, and set new goals from there. Uru Virtual Coaching is another way to enhance that cycle.

Uru Empowerment Cycle

  • Multi-Stakeholder Support 

Other virtual programs may not tell you what happens to the money, the cash, the moo-lah, the dough, the cheddar, the big bucks, the skrilla, the dinero…you get it. With Uru Virtual Coaching, our focus is to help out the sports community. Our elite coaches no longer are paid per game, clubs are losing money, even big national associations are taking a hit and struggling to handle refunds. We knew there had to be a way to assist all entities. 

The proceeds of our Uru Virtual Coaching goes significantly to our virtual coaches. We have also partnered with local clubs for profit shares, helping them gain revenue and keep up with facility expenses. The remaining balance gets completely re-invested into the Uru App, a platform aimed to spread transparent information and global playing opportunities to members. 


  • Affordability

Standard private lessons and training programs can be steep, over hundreds of thousands of dollars. As we mentioned, our intention at Uru is to build the hockey community, and help share knowledge between people and countries. That’s why we’re offering a full package for a very reasonable rate. You’ll receive a: 

    • 30-Minute Private Session
    • 3-Day Custom Workout Plan
    • Follow-Up Video Critique

There are also several opportunities for scholarships for this program as well, making the program even more affordable. 


Our motto: No Borders. Just Sports. rings true now more than ever. We’re removing the borders of geography and facilities, and providing a service to hockey players that are eager to learn and grow their skills – all from their living rooms. 

By providing access to top international talent with real-time feedback, finding ways for continued learning, and offering value to all stakeholders in the hockey community, we believe Uru Virtual Coaching has the ability to surpass the quarantines and isolation, and become an avenue where people around the world can connect. Our mission to share information and transparency within the sports world is a big one, and Uru Virtual Coaching is one step in the right direction. 


To get involved, find out more information and register here.  For questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at [email protected]


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