Bhubaneswar Hockey World Cup 2018 Update – Pool Play’s Done, It’s Cross-Over Time!

We’ve seen some incredible play so far in the Bhubaneswar Hockey World Cup 2018, and there’s still so much more to come! Now that pool play is officially complete, the cross-over competition is underway. Here are some highlights from pool play and the cross-over games. With some major upsets in pool play, the battle for World Cup Champions is open to any team as the level of hockey continues to elevate.

Cross Over Play

Cross over games proved to be exciting with some dominant performances and some very tight matches. Take a look at the highlights of each performance.

England vs. New Zealand — Final score: ENG 2 – 0 NZL

  • Both teams had almost equal possession during the entire game. New Zealand maintained the ball more in the first quarter, but England rebounded in the second and third quarters with a goal in each.
  • While possession was equal, England was more successful in penetrating the circle. England totaled 21 circle entries to New Zealand’s 12. More opportunities in the circle showed with England earning 5 corners and converting on one of them in the 44th minute. New Zealand was only able to draw 2 corners and were unable to put the ball away.
  • Despite unequal entry to the circle, both teams tallied 8 shots a piece demonstrating New Zealand’s ability to capitalize on 75% of their circle entries, while England struggled to earn opportunities.
  • England’s difficulty in finishing and their defensive let down in the circle may come back to haunt them in later rounds.
  • Goals– ENG: 25* GALNAN (FG); 44* TAYLOR (PC)

Belgium vs. Pakistan — Final score BEL 5 – 0 PAK

  • Equal possession during the game became irrelevant as Belgium dominated the game in goal tallies. They benefited from higher pass accuracy and almost doubled Pakistan’s circle entries (BEL 31 – 16 PAK.)
  • Belgium earned 7 corners to Pakistan’s 2. Belgium was able to convert in the 10th minute on a penalty corner, and three minutes later Tuseeq ARSHAD was issued a green card, allowing Belgium to finish the first quarter with momentum and carry into the second with player advantage.
  • Pakistan came back from half time with a vengeance and dominated possession and entered the circle 5 times. Pakistan’s momentum in the third quarter was thwarted in the fourth when Ammad BUTT was issued a yellow card in the 51st minute. Belgium built off the player advantage and scored two minutes into the power play.
  • Goals– BEL: 10* HENDRICKX (PC); 13* BRIELS (FG); 27* CHARLIER (FG); 35*DOCKIER (FG); 53* BOON (PS)

France vs. China — Final score FRA 1 – 0 CHN

  • Despite China’s difficulty in pool play, they battled France in an intense game with one goal deciding the game.
  • France dominated possession, pass accuracy, shots(13-3), corners(6-3), and circle entries(33-11). However they struggled to finish, which may haunt them in later games if they are unable to execute in the circle.
  • The lone goal came in the 36th minute from Timothée CLÉMENT.
  • France incurred a green card in the third quarter, but the physicality elevated in the fourth as both teams received two yellow cards a piece. China came out in the fourth quarter with great tenacity and determination to find an equalizer. But France refused to let down and matched China’s speed and intensity to maintain their lead.
  • This is the second win France has had over China in a World Cup series (now 2-3), but China’s play showed they deserve the respect of all teams in future play.
  • Goals– FRA: 36* CLÉMENT (FG)

Netherlands vs. Canada — NLD 5 – 0 CAN

  • The Netherlands was the clear favorite for the game, but that didn’t stop an impressive performance from Canada. Possession traded off between the quarters, but in whole was equal.
  • Canada kept Netherlands off the board in the first quarter, but a flat start allowed Netherlands to score in the first minute of the second.
  • The third quarter saw back to back goals from the Netherlands in the 40th and 41st minutes.
  • Both teams were issued two green cards over the game. One a piece in the second quarter, and the same in the third.
  • Canada was unable to handle the Netherlands’ forward movement, giving them 38 circle entries, 4 corners, and 1 penalty stroke. Despite the penalty stroke and corner opportunities, all of the goals came from field play.
  • Goals: 16* BALK (FG); 20* KEMPERMAN (FG); 40* van DAM, 41* (FG); 41* BRINKMAN (FG); 58* van DAM (FG)

Watch all the goals from the crossover games here:

Pool Play Final Results

Final Points in Pool Play

Pool A: ARG- 6pts; NZL- 4pts; FRA- 4pts; SPA- 2 pts;

Pool B: AUS- 9pts; ENG- 4pts; CHN- 2pts; IRE- 1pt

Pool C: IND- 7 pts; BEL- 7pts; CAN- 1pt; ZAF- 1pt

Pool D: GER- 9 pts; NLD- 6 pts; MYS- 1pt; PAK- 1pt


France’s win over Argentina

Everybody loves a high level game, and upsets are demonstrations of great talent from unexpected teams. France did just that when they gave a passionate showing over their skill that resulted in a key win–not only for the tournament, but to garner respect for their improved level of play.

The game was high scoring on both ends of the field, proving the teams were far more evenly matched than predicted. They were able to get on the board first and put away three goals in the second quarter, one in the opening minute of the third, and an icing on the cake goal in the 54th minute. Argentina answered in the second to bring the game within two goals. France answered quickly in the opening goal of the third quarter, pushing the lead to 4-1. Argentina rallied again with a goal late in the third and early in the fourth quarter to begin closing the lead. However, France didn’t relent and even put away an assurance goal in the 54th minute to push the score to 5-3.

Germany’s Win over Netherlands

Another strong upset was Germany’s 4-1 victory over the Netherlands. With the Netherlands’ world ranking at 4 and Germany’s at 6, most expected it to be an exciting match up and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Netherlands got on the board late in the first quarter, and their lead held until the last minute of the second when Germany found the back of the cage and was able to enter half time with high spirits and confidence. The third quarter was scoreless for both teams. But an exciting final 8 minutes of the game came from Germany’s three goals. The Netherlands were caught off guard after Germany’s goal in the 52nd minute, and Germany was able to extend their lead in the 54th minute. The momentum was clearly in Germany’s favor and they showed no signs of slowing down, two minutes before the final whistle they capped off their performance with a final goal that thrilled the crowd and will definitely assure their confidence going into cross-over games.

Impressive Performances

We’re really impressed with everyone’s performance this year! But England and France have created some serious shockwaves throughout the tournament. It’s no surprise they’ve both advanced to the Quarter Finals.

Argentina, Australia, India, and Germany all qualified for bye’s into the Quarter Finals. India and Belgium tied in pool points, but goal differential gave India the go ahead to QF. Germany has been creating opportunities and capitalizing. Their victory of Netherlands is proof that they deserve the QF position and await an opponent. Australia dominated their pool with 16-1 goals scored to let in.

Goal Leaders

Australia leads the tournament with 16 goals. And the top three individual goal scorers are:

  • Australia’s Blake Govers – 5 goals
  • Germany’s Marco Miltkau – 4 goals
  • Argentina’s Gonzalo Peillat – 4 goals

Where to Watch

FIH posts full games (not in live time) on YouTube, which is free to access at: FIH YouTube – Free Full Games after Live Play

To watch the games live, you can purchase games on Bleacher Report Live at:Bleacher Report Live – Paid Live Games


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