Earning the Jersey: France feat. Aristide Coisne

In this edition of “Earning the Jersey,” we spoke to the rising star and medical student Aristide COISNE.

The last time the French National Field Hockey Team qualified for the World Cup was in 1994. This year, after a 28 year dry spell, the Frenchmen qualified for the 2018 Hockey World Cup.

In the June release of the FIH rankings France ranked 20th. With only 16 teams playing in the World Cup, many counted the French team as irrelevant, and their chance to take the pitch in Bhubaneswar was disregarded.

In only five months a phenomenal streak of improvement saw France slide in at 15th in the rankings. The hockey world may have considered this a fluke, but the French team and Aristide COISNE were not surprised.

“In September and Octobre, training sessions changed for the French team. We had training Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday together. Thursday and Friday was for club session.”



The team’s intense preparation was worth it. The French team didn’t simply qualify, but played fiercely in their pool play. COISNE tallied the third goal against Argentina in one of the biggest upsets of the tournament. (Read about the upset in our Blog!)




Finishing the tournament in 8th place, they proved that they didn’t simply belong in the World Cup, but that they are now a team to be taken as a top opponent. The French team will be a force to be reckoned with.



While hockey training has increased for the French National team, theres still a need to compliment their stipend. COISNE notes:


“[O]n french team, Most of players are not professionnal, we are are not totally amateur either. Our federation helps us. And players who don’t play in france, [get] help from their club. But it’s only help, and we can’t live only [on] hockey. So most of players who are not students, need to find a job. And it’s not easy to find a job when hockey takes up so much time!”

When he’s not playing hockey for France’s National Team, Aristide COISNE competes in Belgium at the Royal Leopold Hockey Club. While many players balance hockey with a job close to their training for the National team. Although sponsored by Osaka, COISNE still aspires for a life as a doctor. For years, COISNE had been able to balance his intense schedule between medical school and hockey.

“Until may 2018, I managed to do both médecine and hockey. I worked each week from 8am to 6pm. Then I’d have to go to Belgium for training (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). It is only a one-hour drive, but I was always late with traffic jam! Monday and Wednesday evening, I had a gym session or musculation. Weeks were very intense, and I was very exhausted by the weekend. I couldn’t spend time with my friends and my family.”

But the goal for the French team was to elevate their game. The team knew their goal to make the 2018 World Cup and the players and coaches were fully committed to putting in the hours. With the increase in training before the World Cup, COISNE had a difficult decision to make.

“Then I realised it wasn’t possible to do both hockey at a high level and studies médecine. The coach told me to be 100% focused on hockey. Furthermore, we had two-month non stop préparation this summer, and I wasn’t able to work in this period. So I decided to do a one year break.”

While COISNE took a year off, he is as determined to perform for the national team as he is to continue with his studies.

“At présent, I’m still a student in médecine, in my 7th year. I have passed an important national test last year, and I am now specialized in ophthalmology.

It’s always a balance between sport and study. In fact, I realized two dreams. It is easy if you give yourself the means to succeed.”

Here at Uru Sports, we also believe that hockey can be incorporated into anyone’s journey. The opportunity to play abroad opens opportunities to compliment life’s adventures. As COISNE said, “it is easy if you give yourself the opportunity to succeed.”

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