2018 women's field hockey world cup halfway point review at the lee valley center in london

2018 Field Hockey World Cup Halfway Point Review – Will the Dutch Win it All?

At the 2018 Women’s Field Hockey World Cup Halfway Point

What a first half of the 2018 Field Hockey World Cup.  Lee Valley Hockey Stadium has been packed and the fans have been on the edge of their seats both for nail-biting last second results and to see some incredible goals.

All the athletes competing have made plenty of sacrifices for the love of the game and to play in big tournaments like this.  This tournament has been amazing and our Uru Team has loved seeing all the athletes tear it up this week and make an impact out on the big stage! Here’s a world cup halfway point review:

The Dutch are a force to be reckoned with

the Dutch are the team to beat at the world cup halfway pointBased off Pool Play, Uru Sports predicts that the Dutch will take home the World Cup. 

The Dutch are on fire, scoring 26 goals in 3 games and scoring 12 goals in yesterdays match against Italy, making it the highest scoring game in World Cup History.

We did an instagram poll yesterday for fun saying (see the photo): 

Will the Dutch go all the way?

The choices were either “100%” or “Germany trips them up”?

We had more than 150 people take the poll and 80% said the Dutch will “100%” go all the way.

This made us think this could be fun to dive deeper and get the players and spectators thoughts.  After many conversations and a deeper look here’s what we found: 

Which countries could potentially trip up the Dutch?

First Seed Teams (with Holland)

If the Dutch get knocked off, we predict it will be one of the following 3 teams.  These are the pool winners and they will get 2 days off to prepare for the quarterfinal.

  • Germany- 9 points
    • Germany has had a great tournament to this point, sitting with 3 wins. They are our top prediction of who can knock off Holland.  They’ve had no trouble finishing goals… scoring 3 goals each game. 
  • Australia – 5 points
    • The Hockeyroo’s have been displaying their fast pace all throughout this tournament, finishing the pool play with 1 win and two draws in another. They tied Belgium and Kiwis and beat Japan.
  • Ireland-  6 points
    • This one is the most shocking and exciting.  Ireland has been playing solid hockey and bringing a level of energy that other teams have struggled with. Ireland beat the USA and India and had a battle with England before letting in a net. 


Second Seed Teams

(And an English player told the Uru Team last night, they should not be overlooked)

  • Belgium – 4 points
    • Got a win, a draw and a loss, finishing within a point of a first seed.
  • Italy – 6 points
    • Second seed in pool A.  The teams only loss was to the Dutch, 12-1.
  • Argentina- 4 points 
    • Had one win, one draw and one loss against the Germans.  Great at finishing.. 9 goals. Have a great flicker Noel Barrionuevo, scoring 2 goals.  They play a similar free-style to the Dutch. 
  • England – 5 points
    •  Despite not having the best showing from England in this tournament so far, they are not a team to write off… When talking about the team about how to beat the Dutch, an England player told the Uru Team yesterday,  “Our structure of play is so different than the Dutch that it works well.  We have a strategy that we are confident in.” 


Third Seed Teams

Every team still in a tournament is a team that can still win…!

  • New Zealand -4 points
    • The pool was tight, all finishing within 2 points of the first seed, the Aussies. They tied their rivals Australia.
  • Spain –  3 points
    • One win, two losses. They have silky skills and a good work ethic.
  • India -2 points 
    • The India team got the third seed in Pool B. The team had a nerve-wracking hour as they watched the England-Ireland game, the results of that one decided whether they or the USA (also with 2 points) would continue onto the cross-over matches. 
  • South Korea – 1 point 

Now let’s kick off the cross over games starting tonight at 6pm England time (12 US time) and see which team is standing as champions on August 5th!

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