Global Field Hockey Insight and Playing Abroad Tips

Field Hockey – The 3rd largest sport in the world

Global field hockey stadiumMore than 117 countries participate in hockey around the world. Nationally the power countries being Holland, Australia, Germany, England, Argentina, New Zealand, India, and the USA (for women only).

There are amazing club competitions throughout the year that bring in international players.  Keep in mind, the competition often fluctuates year to year depending on the olympic cycle.

The general dates to playing field hockey abroad & where

Northern hemisphere countries tend to have their competition somewhere between August and May, whereas Southern hemisphere teams tend to have their competition running somewhere between April and October.

Example of some season dates:

Country Club Season Dates
Starting Finishing
Australia April September
England September May
United States (women only) August November

Where do you want to play field hockey?!

There are hundreds of opportunities to play field hockey abroad, but few people know about them. Through Uru Sports  you can find and compare opportunities across the globe. Explore the countries you are interested and talk to the programs you think could be a good fit. Our explore section is still undergoing development so please be patient with the presentation in the meantime.  The content has been gathered with the help from 100’s of athletes around the world.


Why do you want to play field hockey overseas? 

It’s important to think about what you want to accomplish in your stint abroad – Is it to improve your hockey? To have a cool new experience? See new places?…. Leagues throughout the world differ dramatically on the intensity of training and the amount of traveling you will do with the team.


Key things to think about regarding playing abroad in a country/league:

  • Is field hockey popular? What will the atmosphere be like?
  • Intensity of league, what’s the training schedule like?
  • How spread out is the competition and how far will you be traveling for games?
  • What is the length of season; are there breaks? When?
  • Is it easy to travel from the country?
  • What is the cost of living?
  • What language is spoken?

Key things to think about regarding a team to play for:

  • Schedule
  • Facilities
  • Team history in league
  • How many imports will they have? Will you have friends in the same situations?
  • What is the team social life like?
  • What is the average age of the team?
  • What is the coach like?
  • What will your deal/contract be?
  • Will you be able to get a visa to work while there?

Some discussion points and potential support that clubs may provide

  • Finding and/or covering accommodation
  • Lending you a Car/Transportation
  • Covering Match fee’s/Playing Fee’s
  • Paying your Uniform Cost
  • Paying a salary? If so, how much and how?
  • Arranging or connecting you with work opportunities?
  • Helping you get into a program of study?
  • Covering flight costs
  • Assisting you with the Visa process
  • Some of the above may be in exchange for club duties such as coaching or umpiring

Reimbursement in field hockey is not as high with some of the other sports.  Salaries are not a given and many of the worlds best athletes may choose contracts covering expenses and connections to work.

Make the most of your time playing abroad

  1. To make the most of your stint abroad do the proper pre work and connect with athletes who have played there before.  Learn from others experiences!
  2. Mindset.
    • Here at Urū our core values include, having integrity in all actions, being open to new places, ideas, cultures, and backgrounds, finding joy throughout all the leaps of life, humbling ourselves to recognize the successes of all members, having the courage to be strait-forward, making an effort to both learn from and add value to the global community, and inspiring excellence in ourselves and others in both sport and character.
    • No matter what you can have a good time overseas!

Improve your chances of playing abroad

The best way to improve your chances of playing is to improve your network and improve your profile. Urū Sports makes it easy for you to update and manage your accomplishments and highlight reel.

The more you share about yourself, the more appealing you are to coaches.
You want to know what you are getting into and the coaches also want to know as much as they can about you. The more detailed and correct your profile, the more “looks” and realistic matches you will receive, ultimately leading to the most positive playing experience possible!

Showcase yourself globally

Highlight yourself by filling out all your bio information completely:

  • Fill in your basics – these are key
  • Keep you abroad interests, goals and date availability up to date
  • Give details on your previous playing experience.
  • Add game footage and playing highlights so that recruiters from all across the world can see you in action.



Connect with the global hockey community

Connect with other athletes and coaches through the Urū Sports social network. Building strong relationships is very important. While making these relationships, continue to improve your profile.



Find playing opportunities

Teams have listed positions that they are recruiting for, the details of the athletes they are looking for, and what the offer entails. Log in and search the position postings from all across the world!


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