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Read why professional athletes and coaches think it’s time for you to play your sport in a different country.

We often are told that the world is our playground, and for athletes, this phrase can be taken quite literally. The opportunities to play abroad are not only endless but life changing and extremely worthwhile, as we’ll learn from the testimonials of some of the world’s most renown international competitors and coaches in the hockey world. These experiences not only help players create lifelong friendships and enhance skill level but open countless doors for future opportunities.

The problem, however, is that athletes don’t know where to start. Getting the chance to experience playing abroad can seem like a lottery system, with only a select few athletes actually able to take advantage of the prospect. Uru Sports is here to erase the chance factor in the process by providing a platform for athletes and coaches to easily connect and communicate about opportunities. Our goal is to empower players to take control of their athletic future, and that’s why you should use Uru Sports.

David Guest wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas.

Guest represented Australia from 2005-2009, helping the men’s hockey team take home the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics. Now, he serves as the Australian men’s hockey assistant coach and performance analyst. During his playing career, Guest played abroad in Holland and New Zealand, and tells us he regrets not going to Spain when the opportunity came about.

When we asked him his thoughts on competitors gaining experience in other countries, he said, “I definitely recommend athletes playing abroad. There are so many awesome opportunities…it gives you such a great network even once you finish playing hockey, for work or if you want to stay involved in hockey for business. It opens so many more doors for yourself both professional and socially!”


Kwan Browne wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas.

Hailing from Trinidad, Browne was chosen as a member of the Trinidad and Tobago senior hockey team at the young age of fifteen and continued to represent his country at a number of international competitions. He calls himself very fortunate to have been one of the few players to receive a full scholarship to play at the University level in England, where he played with Canterbury, Southgate and Division One Club, East Grindstead. Since, he has expanded his career as a notable hockey coach.

But Browne will be the first to tell you that finding the opportunities to gain experience abroad is no easy task despite how important it is to encounter foreign play. Click below to hear him attest to the immense trouble athletes have had finding the right avenue to secure these experiences.


Dirkie Chamberlain wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas.

Chamberlain was born in South Africa, where she fell in love with hockey when she was fourteen. She proudly represented her country in the 2012 Summer Olympics. She now is enjoying a stint abroad in Belgium, after playing in both Holland and England. Chamberlain says that she would never have thought to experience playing in a different country if it wasn’t for her coach, who approached her with the opportunity. Listen to her talk about “being in the right place at the right time”, and how she thinks all players should utilize Uru Sports and experience their sport abroad.


Lucas Sevestre wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas. 

Sevestre is a French born athlete who traveled the world as a member of the French National Team. He also has experience playing in Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand. Sevestre’s story exemplifies the lasting connections one can make through hockey, as he now works for Gryphon Hockey in Australia. Hear him recall the uncertainties he faced when first playing outside of France, and how he is confident that Uru Sports can revolutionize the athlete’s journey to priceless abroad opportunities.


Roos Broek wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas.

Born and raised in the Holland, Broek helped her nation win Olympic Gold at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010 and served as Captain of the first team of HC Bloemendaal. Now playing in Australia, she fills one of the two import spots for Western Australia. Broek has a lot to say on the importance of communication when planning a stint abroad, especially considering that lack of communication put a damper on her first season while in Australia. Click to hear her recommendation on how to have the best experience possible when playing in a different country!


Tristram Woodhouse wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas.

Born in Australia, Woodhouse played for the Men’s National Team, and had a very successful career at UWA Hockey Club. He then went on to play and coach in London, England. He now travels the world coaching and leading coaching courses.  Woodhouse emphasizes the importance of communicating and researching on the athlete’s end. Click to hear him warn against the danger of miscommunicated expectations and why he thinks you should use Uru Sports! According to Trid it’s excitingly the world’s first player/coach database.

Lauren Turner wants you to utilize Uru and go play overseas.

Born and raised in Leicester, England, Turner has enjoyed playing hockey in Holland, Australia, New Zealand, and now is on to Spain. Watch the video to the left to hear Turner discuss the amazing friendships and memories she’s made while playing abroad through her hockey career.



We have heard the stories of players and coaches from all over the world. Though varying in backgrounds, they all agree on the positive impact that experiencing their sport abroad has had on their lives and careers. They encourage athletes like you to take advantage of the same opportunities.

Uru Sports is here to educate and connect you with these opportunities in an easy and organized way, eliminating uncertainty and enhancing communication. The only question left: Where will you go play?


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Lastly, a huge thanks to all these amazing athletes and coaches for taking the time to talk to us about playing abroad. We’re extremely grateful for all the athletes and coaches like you who’ve gotten behind our mission here at Uru Sports and have shared insight on sports around the world.




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