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Wrap-Up of the 2018 Field Hockey World Cup – Uru Sports

Reunions and Feedback at the Hockey World Cup

Two weeks ago, I was in London for a week for the Field Hockey World Cup. It was amazing to catch up with many athletes and coaches I knew from all across the world during my playing days and to spread the knowledge of Uru Sports.

Hearing feedback and new innovative ideas from athletes and coaches from around the world was so appreciated.  I am so thankful for the field hockey community and all the support.  You all are awesome and I can’t thank y’all for backing this yank enough. Here’s my world cup wrap-up.

Growing our Uru Team

Will Byas Uru Ambassador in London at the Hockey World CupIn London, I met in-person with our Uru Australia sales rep, Will Byas. We had a nice time in Oxford Circus cruising around during the World Cup.

We hired our Uru UK sales rep and interviewed people for the Uru Benelux position.

We hired a Uru Sports blogger. We also discussed multiple new partnerships with international sports brands.

Our first Success Story has crushed it

Aki Yamada of Japan National Field Hockey Team at Hockey World Cup with Uru

Meet Aki Yamada, a player for the Japanese National Team. She was our very first ‘success story’ in 2016. We helped her sign a contract with a team in England, Leicester HC. After playing a season in England she returned to Japan and made the National Team.

It was such fun catching up with Aki and hearing the details about her experience in England and how it shaped her into the player she is today.  Aki always amazing me. She is such fun and someone that everyone wants to get to know.  First arriving to England with decent English, her English is now flawless.

It was also extremely interesting to get the low-down on the training regimen of the Japanese National Team and what hockey is like in Japan.   The Japan Team used the Hockey World Cup as a training tournament for their Olympic Qualifier, the Asian Games, which they are currently competing in. Best of luck to Aki & to the entire Japanese National Team.

Interviews with competing athletes, coaches and stars

Melissa Gonzalez at the Hockey World Cup with Uru Interview

Thanks to all the athletes who shared their stories with us. It was fun to see how each athletes personality shown on camera.  The Uru Team acknowledges what an accomplishment it is and how much strength (mental and physical) it takes to compete in a national team setup.  It was fascinating to hear about the difference in training regimens/national team preparation for this tournament.

Congrats to all athletes competing and thanks again to those who took the time to meet up.

Members of TK hockey and JDH hockey play Uru Sports Competition

We also ran some fun competitions at the Hockey World Cup.  The games were hilarious. A special shout out to all the people who did the competitions.  I hope y’all had close to as much fun as our team did.


Michael Kurn interview with Uru Sports at the HWC 2018

And this is Michael Kurn. Michael was the Hockey World Cup announcer and is a TV commentator for the football premier league. He graciously did an interview with us during the World Cup about the beauty of sports and playing overseas.

Celebrating with champs

Hockey World Cup 2018 Dutch Champions with Uru

Meet Ireen van den Assem, Anne Veenendaal and the actual World Cup trophy!

These hockey stars are on the Dutch team which were untouchable this tournament- they scored more than 35 goals in their 6 games.

The Irish team had a fairytale run to the field hockey World Cup finals, but the Dutch team had little trouble defeating them 6-0.

This is the record EIGHTH world cup championship for the Netherlands.

It was great fun celebrating and I was very honored when Irenee threw the trophy in my hands “for some Promo pics”… I’m unbelievably flattered to have these greats behind Uru!

Expanding Partnerships

Jonathon Petterson, the founder of Gryphon Hockey, and founder of Uru Sports, Ainsley McCallister, chat strategy

I met with Jonathon Petterson, the founder of Gryphon Hockey, a large global hockey equipment manufacturer.  We discussed several ways to disrupt the global field hockey scene with different marketing strategies, and creating an innovative Uru/Gryphon co-branded tournament in Japan.

Marcos Ferriera of TK Sports Interview with Uru Sports

Thanks to TK too who also got behind Uru by donating sweet merchandise and doing great interviews.

Marcos Ferriera, a TK representative and a hockey great from Portugal, gave us insight on hockey in South Western Europe and lent valuable feedback on our current mode.

New swag

From polos to our new swaggy shirts, our first batch of merch is looking quite good.

Our first Uru Sport Swag


Interviews are coming to our Uru Youtube channel soon. Give us a follow and stay tuned.


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