Roos Broek playing field hockey for Bloemendaal

Holland vs. Australia: A Hockey Comparison with Roos Broek

Meet Dutch field hockey star, Roos Broek

Back in October, Uru Sports’ Founder Ainsley McCallister got the chance to sit down with hockey player Roos Broek of Holland while they were both in Australia. Roos has first-hand experience playing both in her home nation and in Australia, and as a result holds some truly wonderful insight into how the hockey, culture, and much more compare and contrast between these two countries. Click the video to the right, meet Roos, and hear about her hockey journey and how she moved to Australia to play!


Initial expectations vs reality in differences between field hockey in Holland and Australia

Like most people heading to other countries, Roos had some preconceived notions before she arrived in Australia regarding the hockey style and overall way of life. Though she expected some similarities between Holland and Australia considering hockey is such a big part of life in both countries, she found the Australian style of playing to be much more aggressive, which comes with a very different style of umpiring. Plus, she warns against thinking Australia is warm year-round. Watch this next video and find out if the rest of her expectations were proved true or false!


Field hockey differences between the sport in Holland and Australia

Though Holland and Australia compare in the fact that both countries have huge populations of hockey players and fans, Roos tells us about the differences in playing style and commitment level between them. She recalls how she found the time commitment in Australia to be quite relaxed, as she was used to putting in around 30 hours of work a week into her game back home. Click the next video to learn how the games contrast!

Field hockey culture differences between the teams in Holland and Australia

Of course, playing in another country doesn’t entail solely new athletic experiences, but loads of other important aspects of what makes an abroad opportunity so invaluable. She goes into detail about the social aspects of hockey in Holland, and the differences in team culture she found between the two nations. Watch the next clip and hear Roos discuss team and club cultures in both Holland and Australia, plus some of her all-time favorite memories from first exploring her new turf.

Tips to set up the best overseas field hockey experience possible

From what we’ve heard, it seems clear that Roos is so glad she has gotten the opportunity to play in Australia. Still, she has some extremely helpful tips for players looking to go abroad and score the best experience possible. Tune in once more with Roos and learn why she recommends that you join Uru Sports to make the most of an overseas opportunity.


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Lastly, a huge thanks to Roos for taking the time to talk to us about her experience. We’re extremely grateful for all the athletes and coaches like you who’ve gotten behind our mission here at Uru Sports and have shared insight on field hockey around the world.




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