How to Balance it All with Olympian Rachael Lynch


With over 200 caps and an Olympic debut in Rio 2016, there are several ways to describe Hockeyroo Olympian Rachael LynchHockeyroos goalkeeper Rachael Lynch: talented, powerful, competitor. What many may not know that is her accomplishments extend well beyond the pitch into the medical field and entrepreneurial realm.

“I also work as a nurse in neurological, rehab,” said Lynch, “I have been on the same ward for ten years and absolutely love it. I love being able to help people every time I go to work.” Additionally, Lynch is the business owner of STOMP Goalkeeping, helping to develop other keepers in the hockey community. “I have been fortunate to gain so much from Hockey, so I feel thankful to have this avenue to give back. My online program allows goalkeepers to watch videos each fortnight with knowledge and information on all areas of goalkeeping plus drills and skills they can work on. I’ve met some incredible keepers along the way and can’t wait to see how it grows.”

Just when it seemed as though Lynch couldn’t be more successful (or busier), on October 26 2019, the Australian Women’s Hockey Team qualified for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. How does Lynch balance it all?

“I have an amazing boss at the hospital who allows me to travel when competing for Australia, and I can also pick my shifts which means it doesn’t clash with training. I am very passionate about nursing and helping people so by including it in my week it makes me a better person and a better hockey player.“

Hockeyroos Team on their Road to Tokyo 2020While flexibility is key, Lynch also has a unique outlook on the upcoming months preparing for Tokyo and balancing her other ventures: “I love the challenge of preparing for the biggest event in the world. Nothing changes too much for me as I believe you shouldn’t put your life on hold and focus purely on sport. I love to stay busy and have a balanced life as that is when I play my best. With that in mind I will continue to work and do the things I love during the Olympic year.”

Lynch is the epitome of being well-balanced and finding success in areas in addition to sports. Still, hockey has provided Lynch with the skills that transcend the pitch: “Hockey has taught me so much. Building relationships, working in teams, resilience, leadership, so many skills that will be valuable to me in life after hockey. I will be forever grateful for this.”



Keep an eye on Lynch’s road to Tokyo 2020, and all of her additional professional successes in the Uru Sports Community. Why join Uru? According to Lynch: “Community and storytelling is so key to the future of sport. Passing on learning between each other and sharing what we have enjoyed and seen over the years is a way to keep traditions going and to encourage the next generation to leave the sport in a better place than they found it :)”

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