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How to Best Showcase Yourself as a Field Hockey Athlete or Coach on Uru Sports


We’ve worked with coaches from every continent to get advice on what they want to see when recruiting and this is how to best showcase yourself as a field hockey athlete. We want coaches from across the world to confidently get a sense of the player/person you are without ever having to meet you and see you play in person.  Your Uru Profile is the result of their feedback.

The first advice we have for you is to simply complete your Uru profile.   We have added features that are important to recruiting coaches.  Please fill out all information in as much detail as possible.  You may not think that how you display your content matters BUT the majority of coaches have said they begin to gauge someone’s interest level by how their profile looks.  It can take some time but it will not only help you get recruited,  it’s also an awesome place for you to keep track of your field hockey journey.   If you’re not looking to play abroad now and you’re wondering why you should have an account, read up 😉 

Our hope is that filling out the profile properly is mostly intuitive but we want to walk you through some of the main points which will help you take a mediocre profile to stellar. 


1. Uru Player Card 

This card is essential to making you look good to coaches .  It’s the first thing that is seen when you apply to a position or another athlete views your profile.   It’s important to know that if you don’t fill out all the fields for the Uru Player Card you will not show up in many of the search results.  To ensure that this card is full, make sure the following fields are completed from your basic information, core athlete information & your playing abroad information:

  • Home town & Country,  
  • Position,  
  • Sex/Age, 
  • Highest Level played, 
  • Passports 
  • Date available

Hockeyroo Jac Day's Uru Field Hockey Player Card


2. About Section

This section includes an intro video, a summary of your hockey journey, your goals for playing abroad, countries you’re interested in playing in and your nationality. Editing your summary is done under your core athlete info,.  The rest of this content is added under the playing abroad section. 

  • About U Video 

    • This About U video has been designed to introduce yourself to the Uru community.  We recommend filming a short casual clip where you introduce yourself and share a brief overview of your hockey journey or anything that will give us insight into who U are and how field hockey plays a role in your life.  Upload that video to youtube and link it.  Make sure to have fun with this and let your personality shine!

Jac Day (ex- hockeyroo's) Uru Sports - About Section

3. Experience tab

This essentially is your hockey resume.  Here you can share about your playing, coaching , officiating, foreign language, and studying experiences.  This resume will link you to your teams and references creating validation. The most important two aspects of this page are:

Properly showcase your hockey experience:

  1. Written information

 Provide your team name, level of the team, dates played, notes or summary of experience, team achievements and individual achievements.  The more details and stats you include the better.

2.  Tag your team

If your team is already on the Uru platform, it will automatically link as you type.  In addition you will show up on their profile.

If your club is not already in Uru, please send us the name of the contact of the club.  Doing this will not only help us make a connection but also it will validate your profile

3. Add moments

Please add field hockey pictures of your experience on the team to jazz up your profile and validate it further.

Give and Receive Endorsements: 

This is where coaches/teammates leave references under your playing experience. To request an endorsement, you go to “find opportunity” page.  Click on ‘Athletes’ and find the Uru member you want an endorsement from.  Click on them and then click the ‘more’ button just under their playing card.  Click ‘request endorsement’.  They will then be notified that you’ve requested an endorsement and they can respond.  Also under the more button,   you can  leave endorsements which always is nice for someone to recieve!

Jac Day (ex-hockeyroo) Uru Sports Profile - Field Hockey Playing Experience Section

4. Highlight Reel

Coaches typically want to see you “in action” before offering you a position on their roster.  Video is a great way to do this.  Coaches prefer different styles of the recruiting film so we’ve designed this section with this in mind.   Upload the videos you create to Youtube with the title “Your name  Uru Highlight Reel – _touches?__.”  Make sure in the description of your youtube video you include your jersey number and color when needed.   You then can add your link to your Uru Highlight reel under the appropriate section.

  • Game play

    • Full game footage
      • This is for unedited raw game footage.  Coaches like to see how you move off the ball, gauging work ethic and field vision.
    • Touches
      • Edit some game footage so it’s just your greatest touches. You can show your best skill, ball movement and passing patterns here.
  • Technique

    • Skills
      • Are you great at threading long balls when outletting the ball? Do you have a great drag flick? Do you have crazy quick hands/silky skills?  Make a mashup of these strengths and post them under your skills.
    • Agility
      • How quick is your turn? Do you have power to show off?  Film yourself  completing agility drills or workouts.  We recommend completing the T-Test.

Jac Day Uru Sports Profile - Field Hockey Highlight Reel Section

5. Posts

Do you have an exciting update to share? Did you net a sweet goal? Did you commit to a new team? Did you win a big game? Share it with the Uru Community.  This is a place for you to track all your field hockey excitement as well.   When you create your posts on the “Uru Community” page, people can like, comment and start a dialogue around hockey.



Our hope is that the above information gives you all the tools you need to showcase yourself beautifully to the global field hockey community, full of knowledge, connections and opportunity!


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