How To Highlight Yourself Through Video: The Top 3 Things you Need to Know


At Uru Sports, we aim to empower athletes, coaches, and teams at all levels reach their full potential on and off the pitch. From sports skills to life skills (and everything in between), we want our members to have access to the best information and become skillful #AcrossTheBoard.

On this episode of #AcrossTheBoard, Uru founder Ainsley McCallister walks viewers through how to adequately showcase your sports skills as an athlete through video, and how to stand out to coaches, teams, and recruiters.

All too often, the intimidation of creating a highlight reel causes so many to panic and overspend on high-tech equipment and services. Here, you will see what the top 3 things you need to know about creating video to highlight your skills.

1. Share the Right Content

To get the perfect mix of the right content, be sure to include a Uru Intro, Game Play, and Techniques to showcase your personality, and wide-range of skills

Uru Intro: This introduction is used to not only let the coach/recruiter know who you are, but also let your personality shine through. Set up a camera directly at you, and let them know your name, hometown, playing history, and goals within your sport. This section gives you a chance to customize your answers and vocalize what you’re looking for in a program.

Game Play: Provide a mix of both full length and highlight footage. Coaches want to see you in action and know your playing IQ.

Technique: Close-up Skills and Agility. Zoom in on some technical skills. Are you a good drag flicker? Do you insert well? Show a few key skills close up. On agility, programs want to see your level of fitness. Set up a cone T-Test, or run additional drills that help exemplify your athleticism.

2. Identify Yourself

As simple as it is, so many coaches receive footage and reels of plays where they don’t know who to watch. Be sure to mention which number you are, or even add an arrow on the film to which player.

While in a dream world, every clip of you playing would be crystal clear, and be directly focused on you with your jersey number facing the camera, we realize that may not be a possibility. If you have a video where it’s tough to tell which one you are, add a caption that describes what you did in that play, like: “netted that goal” or “crossed the ball over.”

3. Be Authentic

In your Uru Intro video, be sure to let your personality shine through. Teams and coaches want to see your true self in order to make sure you find the team that is the best fit for you.

Take it from Ireen van den Assem, at first: “I was too harsh for myself and didn’t believe in myself, I never showed my true self and I overtrained. I didn’t have the confidence to show who I really am.” When she decided to tryout for the national team: “my trainers and I agreed we would do everything we could, show [the coach] my true self and abilities, and if she doesn’t pick me, we knew it wasn’t the right situation for me.” She now plays in the Hoofdklasse league in Holland, is on the national team, and will be competing in the 2020 Olympics.

Also, don’t worry about including the coolest music or graphic effects in your videos. Keep. It. Simple. Feel free to include video, and some minor effects that help the viewer identify who you are, and why you can provide value to their team. They want to see you.

The Uru Team has also received several questions regarding the creation of the highlight reel. Here are some of our Pro Tips.

How do you capture the video to use in your highlight reel?Gryphon Hockey Player
Be sure to ask your team or club to see if there is any footage already being captured, and if you can get a copy. Some programs even have access to great cameras you may be able to borrow.

If not, that’s no big deal. An iPhone or mobile phone filming a game or close-up techniques will work just fine. Our advice is to either invest in a small mobile tripod, or make sure you have a sturdy stand to capture what you need. It’s a lot easier to admire your skills when there’s not a distraction of a wiggly video clip.

How do you actually make the highlight reel?

There are resources out there that will hire a representative who will create the film from the footage you have.

While you are fully available to pay and utilize these resources, don’t hate on the free Apps. iMovie, which comes with most Apple products, will work just fine for editing the clips you have.

How do I get seen & standout from other athletes?
There are recruiters and teams worldwide looking for wonderful talent. At Uru, we provide an open marketplace where recruiters can easily access player’s profiles, and players can learn more about particular teams globally. Once you’ve created your highlight footage, upload your video to YouTube. You are able to connect your YouTube to your Uru App profile. From there, recruiters will be able to see your full experience, and film, and make sure you would be a perfect fit for their program.


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