LEAP Worldwide is officially relaunching as Uru Sports!

Uru Sports: Uru defined as "join, access, community" and with connections it's truly amazing that your sport can take you"

The meaning behind the new name- Uru Sports

Uru as in Maori  1.    (verb)  join, access, community.

“With connections it’s truly amazing that your sport can take you”

-Urū Team

Urū,  as in our business,   1.  (noun)  The new and improved, online platform connecting athletes and teams across the world. The platform to give athletes and coaches access and ability to join the international sports community.

Urū, as in our business,  1.  (verb) as “of right fit” as our platform is the place to help find your right fit athlete, coach or team!

Uru Sports connects athletes and teams around the world

The platform provides tools to streamline the recruiting process and empower you to make the best decisions possible when navigating the world of sport.

Urū Sports provides fast and easy access to the right recruitment info, so whether you’re a team looking for top talent, or an athlete looking for an opportunity of the right fit, Urū can help. We supply these connections and information so that YOU can not only learn about new opportunities, but also go into the experience with the proper expectations, ultimately setting you up for the best global playing or recruiting experience possible!

Thanks to the feedback received from hundreds of athletes, coaches, and sports organizations from across the globe, as well as countless advisors, investors, and seasoned entrepreneurs, we have built an extensive development plan and what you see today is step one.

Uru Sports’ new features make playing abroad easier than ever

LEAP Worldwide’s relaunch as Urū Sports is far more than just a new name and new look; the product has been improved as new features have been introduced. Teams can now post open positions onto the Urū platform and athletes can show direct interest. The inbox is updated and allows for immediate connections. Coaches, you can track your prospect athletes.  Athletes can customize their profile more than ever; including adding a highlight reel to your Urū profile, allowing for coaches to watch you play from across the world!

Check out our new ‘how it works’ here.



Our platform is undergoing lots of development daily and our team looks forward to expanding, onboarding and continually introducing more features and opportunities.  We could not be more grateful for all the feedback to-date and couldn’t be more eager to build out the platform, bringing opportunities and clarity to the global sports world. Lack of information outside of your current network and location, should no longer limit your opportunities or ability to advocate for Urū (your right fit).

This is sport as it should be. No Borders. Just Sports.

What’s the story behind Uru Sports?

Ainsley McCallister, CEO and Founder of Urū, feels so lucky to have allowed hockey take her on a life-changing experience around the world. She played for seven different teams around the world, in Europe, South America and the South Pacific. During these experiences, she longed for a way to find out more information about opportunities, connecting with both past imports pre-commitment and fellow current imports post-commitment in the area…  As a result, Urū was envisioned and now created with you in mind. McCallister states,

I want others be able to experience the rewarding great opportunities that sports can open the door to without wasting time, money and headache.

Before, when athletes who had been abroad were asked about their planning process, we would hear these words: “random”, “lucky”, and “if it wasn’t for that one connection”.  With our platform at your disposal, the randomness is eliminated and excellent opportunities are at your fingertips. Urū ensures that no matter where you are or who you know, you have access to information on the opportunities available.

The playing field is leveled and the world is yours for the taking. That’s how the world of sports should work. No borders. Just sport.

Uru Sports already lends connections to field hockey communities in 28 countries

As of now, Urū Sport is serving the sport of field hockey only, but our plans to expand to other sports are in motion. We currently have a user base from 28 countries and 638 athletes. Urū is reducing 7 degrees of separation to zero, but the job isn’t over: We still have a long way to go and you’ll be seeing a lot of continued product development and content additions. You are a part of the global sports community, and an important one.. We highly value any feedback on how to improve our product for you!

Uru Sports has the support from USA Field Hockey, Conquer Accelerator and Gryphon Hockey

We also want to thank our amazing partners for their support as we work to #growthegame. Thank you to Gryphon Hockey, USA Field Hockey, and the Conquer Accelerator for getting behind us and our big vision!

Join for free below to start your global field hockey journey with Uru!  We’re excited to take these next steps with you.

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