Not looking to play field hockey abroad

Why you should have a Uru Sports account – even if you’re not looking to play abroad now


Track Memories

Track your field hockey playing days; the championships you won, the goals you scored, the ankles you broke, the dick of the day awards you brought home…These are times that brings good feels to your community  and it’s great to be able to look back on.


Shamelessly share all your hockey news/highlights

You may not want to fill your social media account with all field hockey details but on your Uru profile you can shamelessly record and keep track of your field hockey journey! The more details the better.


Coaches can keep tabs on you 

Have you been told to improve your game and check back next year with updates? Uru gives a platform for you to share the information that you’d like those coaches to know.


Learn from some of the best in the world 

The Uru community is full of hockey players and coaches who have reached the top. It’s a great way to learn skill drills, favorite pre-game routines, etc.


Follow your favorite star athletes, teammates and opponents

Stay up to date with the field hockey highlights and the movements of your network.


Give back to the field hockey community

Help other athletes learn from your experience with field hockey.  Lend advice on how to play abroad, what teams you recommend, how to navigate a contract, what’s your trick to performing your best, what are your new favorite skills/workouts, etc.


Life is an adventure 

You never know what life holds around the corner.  A perfect, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may present itself; be it a weekend long field hockey playing opportunity or a sweet date.  Uru was not meant to be a place fostering love, but we’ve had a handful of couples actually meet through Uru events . The field hockey community is full of  phenomenal people and you never know what will happen!



Join Uru Sports today to access the global field hockey hub, full of knowledge and connections!

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