Hockeyroo’s Field Hockey Coach Spotlight: David Guest

David Guest’s field hockey story as an exceptional athlete

Uru Sports recently got to sit down in Australia with David Guest, a national hockey legend, Olympic bronze medalist, and current Kookaburras coach. Keep reading to learn all about his time traveling the world as an athlete, his journey to the Olympics as both a player and coach and how his experience has shaped his professional career.

David Guest was born in Tasmania, an island off of the South-East coast of Australia. He played for the Tasmanian national team for five years, then heading to Australia to play for the Kookaberra’s for the next four years of his career. There, he was selected to play for the Beijing Olympic Team and helped Australia bring home the bronze medal. After the 2008 games, Guest decided it was time to take his hockey skills abroad. First, he headed to New Zealand, contributing to Midlands’ national championship win. Next, he was on to Holland, where he played for HC Bloomendal. Again, Guest aided in bringing about another national title for his team.

The adventure of playing overseas can be rejuvenating

When we asked what motivated him to go play overseas, Guest said,

I just wanted a change up. I had gone through five years with the national team…I wanted to experience what it was like playing in Holland, as well as rejuvenate myself.  I kind of hit a bit of a wall and wanted to play some good hockey week in and week out which the European club provides.

But good hockey and new skills weren’t the only things Guest got out of his experience. In fact, he tells us:

My favorite thing about playing abroad would have to be meeting new people and having new experiences.  Experiencing the hockey cultures in different countries is really quite cool.

Guest certainly had a lot to say for the value of his experiences, whether it was the buzz he got from playing in Holland or the amazing accommodations he received in New Zealand. His amazing stories lead us to believe his time abroad make up some of his favorite memories.

His field hockey journey transitioned into coaching, and a great coach he is

hollands win
Holland’s National Champions- HC Bloemendaal
New Zealand’s National Champions- Midlands

When Guest arrived back in Australia after his stint abroad, he discovered that he had a knee injury that would no longer allow him to compete as a player. However, he didn’t let this stop him from continuing to influence the hockey world. Six months after his retirement, he was working for Hockey Australia as an analyst.

Not long after, he received a coaching scholarship, then taking over as the head analyst for the team, during which he attended his second Olympics in London. After moving throughout Australia and coaching for different teams, Guest returned to Perth to serve as the National Team’s assistant coach and analyst. There he has remained for the last two years, through the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio this past summer. Additionally, Guest has used his experience in the hockey industry to start his own business, consisting of his own stick brand! Check out Edge Hockey to see Guest’s outstanding products.

Live on the Edge! Check out the official EDGE Hockey website by clicking on the image above.

Having the connections with the teams overseas is where it all begins

Like other athletes featured on Uru Sports, Guest’s opportunity to play abroad came casually. He simply asked his teammate Jamie Dwyer, who was already playing in Holland, if Bloomendal was looking for any additional players. After a few emails with coaches, Guest was off to the races. But if circumstances had been different, that one connection wouldn’t have given him the starting point to go play overseas.

Guest comments that Uru Sports would be extremely beneficial to foster those connections for athletes who otherwise would not have access to such direct lines of communication. Getting the chance to play abroad, see the world, and experience amazing new cultures is not just for those who have already established themselves in their respective sports. Through Uru Sports, athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds will be aided with the tools to find opportunities in different countries. All you need to do is sign up to our pilot platform, and our team will help you on your journey.

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Before we parted ways with Guest, he gave players one last piece of advice:

GO! I’m so pleased I went and played overseas…If the opportunities are there, don’t discount them. Seriously look into them, do your homework, and then just get out there & go, GO!

The Uru Sports team could not agree more with his excitement for the prospect of you taking advantage of the ability to test your skills abroad. Experiences like his are truly invaluable, and we are here to ensure no one misses out.

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Lastly, a huge thanks to David Guest for taking the time to talk to our team. We’re extremely grateful for all the athletes and coaches like you who’ve gotten behind our mission here at Uru Sports and have shared insight on sports around the world.




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