Field Hockey Legend Spotlight: Kwan Browne

Misinformed that there are no field hockey scholarships for men around the world

As a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Kwan Browne was told that athletic, academic scholarships were only given to girls to go to the US, and that boys don’t have the opportunity to obtain field hockey scholarships around the world.

However he was determined to go against this norm……

Preformed under pressure and received a scholarship to a school in England

The Great Britain Men’s Hockey Team arrived in Trinidad & Tobago in 1996 for preparation for the Atlanta Olympics. This had Kwan excited as he saw a potential opportunity thinking, “if I can play really well in that game against Great Britain maybe then someone may want to get me over and I can start finding a way to get a scholarship.”

He performed brilliantly in the game against Great Britain and had an absolute stormer, despite the pressure he put himself under. Following this match, Kwan spoke to a coach who made contact with him and after many conversations, Kwan was invited over to England for a trial game/tryout.  It had the possibility of leading to a university scholarship!

Kwan explained with a beam, “after the trial, London Metropolitan University offered me a full scholarship as well as a chance to play Premier League hockey… and that’s how it all started!!”

Getting a field hockey scholarship from T&T was just the very beginning of Browne’s impressive journey

Needless to say, the opportunities that presented via the scholarship were taken full advantage of and what Kwan Browne has accomplished, shocks and impresses all.

In the early days, Kwan was extremely successful with his university and was even awarded British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) Sportsman of the Year, in 2004. Following university he continued to impress all who watched him play and was consistently named in the English Premier League “Dream Team”- the best 11 players in the club competition in England. Over this period he also led his club team to five National Indoor Finals, getting named MVP in multiple years. All the while he proudly continued competing for Trinidad & Tobago. Kwan is hailed as their greatest player of all time and has collected over 300 international caps and counting! Further it’s not only his amazing skills as an athlete that have been recognized, but also his personality and ability to coach. He is now the Head Coach of Great Britain’s Under-23 squad and often assists the Great Britain senior squad.

Listen to Kwan as he talks about his journey.


Impressive, encouraging and motivational are words that don’t do this journey justice…

Field hockey has the power to open doors and break down borders

Kwan says that field hockey has opened doors that would never have been open to him without his involvement in the game. Through hockey, Kwan has been to every continent more than five times. Because of it, he now has friends all over the world!

His journey was not just seeing the world, learning about new cultures, and meeting some pretty amazing people, but also developing his hockey skills and knowledge of the game by playing in many different countries.

Different hockey styles experienced playing abroad, influencing his game

Kwan claims that the biggest influence on his hockey was experiencing different styles from both coaches and players who he was exposed to only through traveling from Trinidad & Tobago. He is sure that his experiences worldwide have shaped both the high quality playing and coaching that he’s involved in now.

He expresses a sincere message of thanks saying,

I really do appreciate the many different coaches all over the world who spent time when I asked questions, and gave me some really good insight into the methods that they use…

Kwan now works with players at all levels, from school kids as young as ten-year-old’s all the way up to High Performance with the Great Britain Men’s Team.


Kwan says that having played club seasons in multiple countries, has fueled an excitement about the worldwide opportunities and connections that Uru Sports will give both athletes and coaches. Given the unusual but exciting journey that Kwan has been on, he has already and hopes again to assist MANY others to follow his lead… More on this in a future blog! 

Kwan understands the void that Uru Sports is beginning to fill and says,

“This is great for both players and coaches. For coaches it’s a great platform to get in contact with interested players and to get a better idea of the player you’re going to meet. As a player, it’s a great avenue to be seen, learn about your opportunities and find out what you’re getting into!”.

He keenly states, “Uru Sports is something that the hockey world is desperate for!”


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Lastly, a huge thanks to Kwan for taking the time to talk to us about his amazing story. We’re extremely grateful for all the athletes and coaches like you who’ve gotten behind our mission here at Uru Sports and have shared insight on sports around the world.



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