The CAL Cup field hockey tournament in Los Angeles

THE CAL CUP – Playing field hockey in Los Angeles


The Cal Cup in overview

This coming weekend is Memorial Day in the USA which is celebrated in LA by hosting one of the most popular social field hockey tournaments in the world, the Cal Cup.

The California Cup - Play Field Hockey near Los Angeles

This tournament is hosted at and around Team USA Men’s home ground in Moorpark, California. There are over 140 teams who compete in this 4 day tournament with international teams from Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more. The competition includes all ages and levels; there are beginner leagues for juniors younger than 8 years old & elite men’s and women’s leagues. The Cal Cup is famous for its fun light-hearted atmosphere.

This annual tournament starts today and in honor we thought it’d be only appropriate to throw it back to our Uru Team interview with Stepane Vehrle-Smith’s after he played last year for team JDH.

Stephane Vehrle-Smith, Rio Olympian and Advocate for Playing Field Hockey in a different country.

Vehrle-Smith is an England-born and raised hockey star who played for Brazil in the Rio Olympics. Stephane is now a trainer at Equinox in NYC and he helps athletes reach their potential. He kindly chatted with the Uru Sports Team as he believes that,

“If you can take part in a hockey competition in a different country and outside your comfort zone – do it. You’ll only grow to become a better player and more importantly a better person.”

Pictured is Stepane Vehrle-Smith a field hockey player of Team Brazil at the Olympics with his mates on Team GB

Vehrle-Smith played in the 2017 Cal Cup. Learn why and how.

Vehrle-Smith said that the Cal Cup had always been on his bucket list…. Read below to get a bit of insight into the event and find out why.

You said playing in the Cal Cup was on your bucket-list, why?

It’s a hockey competition in L.A. I think that sells itself already! I didn’t know a lot about it to be honest. A few friends of mine had competed in it from England, previously and it just seemed like a fun place to play some hockey, socialize and meet new people, under some good sun.

How did you enjoy your first Cal Cup experience?

It was a good trip, although I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I wanted as I fell quite Ill a few days before going so struggled – but all worth it! There were lots of tents with various hockey and sporting brands selling their equipment, food/drink carts surrounding the pitch and players/fans from all over the world excited to be there. Depending on the team you play for, some are more social than others but everyone there I came across was upbeat and with the right attitude.

What was your favorite part of the cup?

To be in a completely different location and play a sport I enjoy playing, with positive people from across the globe. I’ve made new friends and contacts, so it’s a great chance for players to not just take part but also open doors abroad for themselves in the future.

How did your team do?

We didn’t do as well as we hoped; we fell short of the finals but everyone enjoyed themselves. There isn’t much room to sulk as there’s lots going on and you can’t take yourself or your team too seriously at an event like that anyway.

Who was your team made up of?

We (Team JDH Montauk) had players from all over the world, like most teams. Players from every continent got involved.

Team JDH at the 2017 Cal Cup. This field hockey team included Jaime Dwyer and several other international hockey players
Cal Cup Team JDH Montauk- 2017

How did you get involved with Team JDH Montauk?

A mutual friend put me in touch with Jamie Dwyer, so I spoke to Jamie and it worked itself out from there. Hockey is a small world with lots of opportunities when you put yourself out there.

At Uru Sports we want to help you put yourself out there and take the randomness out of lucking into the opportunity to play in the Cal Cup or in other amazing competitions overseas.


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Lastly, a huge thanks to Vehrle-Smith for taking the time to talk to us about the Cal Cup. We’re extremely grateful for all the athletes and coaches like you who’ve gotten behind our mission here at Uru Sports and have shared insight on sports around the world.



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