The Lowdown on Launching LEAP Worldwide (Now Uru Sports)

LEAP Worldwide has since been rebranded as Uru Sports

With reading this blog you will gain insight on passion & personality of Uru Sports. You will also see how hard we’ve been working from the beginning.

July 15th marked the soft launch of LEAP Worldwide!! On this date the website went live, a party was thrown, lots of fun was had and tons of user feedback was received!

LEAP Worldwide launched with beautiful Perth in Australia and field hockey as its pilot. Perth was chosen as the perfect location, as it is the current home of hockey in Australia. Both national teams are based in this city and many national and international imports play in its strong, local league.

Check out the video from the party & feel as though you were there!

As people entered the amazing facilities of Hale Hockey Club, they signed up to the website & were entered into a raffle for sticks signed by the Australian captain, Mark Knowles and West Australian based Hockeyroo, Ashley Nelson… A big thanks to Grays Hockey!!

As people filed in and paroozed the website there were multiple stations to get involved at…

The first was a pin-able map where people pinned where they’re from, where they LEAP’t to play and where they wish to compete next! At the party we had people present whom had played in 38 different countries!!.. Seriously amazing how far field hockey had taken people and can take you!

Around this map the stories about the experiences playing in a certain countries were fascinating!… Most were amazing, a few were horrifying and many were hilarious!

Launch Party

LAUNCHing LEAP was the next station, which was a contest to see who present could LEAP the highest vertically! Ex-Australian player, Nick Budgeon, powered the highest.

Lee Piere

Cartoon Caption was next and the goal… to come up with the best name for thee LEAP Caricature (to the right). We definitely had a creative crowd, as the entries were fantastic and all played on the LEAP theme. After significant discussion by the committee, a decision on the name was finally reached…… Lee Pier!!!

Finally, Lyrical LEAPers, were trying to be like, ‘Bey Bey’ or ‘Tay Tay…’. Once again, people smashed the creativity and it was a tough decision for the panel! This time the Brits prevailed and took the LEAP Worldwide crown.. Fay Nash and Will Byas, take a bow!

LEAP Worldwide hats and T-shirts were awarded to the above winners and to the victorious in various other contests on the night. All this LEAPing had people hungry and thirsty but thankfully the bar and kitchen, were in full swing to keep the crowd happy! Thanks so much to those who helped!

Launch PanelMost entertainingly of all, those who attended enjoyed the wise words, stories and experiences of our LEAP Worldwide Launch Panel, as well as, the LEAP Worldwide launch video. Nick Budgeon, Lauren Turner and Jemma Buckley were all put to the test by MC McCallister and passed with flying colors!!


…. Stay tuned, a feature on the amazing panel and the launch video coming soon!


The LEAP Worldwide team wishes to thank all that helped celebrate the soft launch and contributed great feedback, which has hugely assisted in the development the app has undergone since. Finally a huge shout out again to the panel for sharing their knowledge and for the laughs, the Hale Hockey Club for hosting, and the Wolves Hockey Club & Grays Hockey for supporting! … ‘Twas a great night and the app wouldn’t be where it’s at today without y’all!




The LEAP Worldwide Team



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