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The Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Skills While Training at Home

Not Another Toilet Paper Hockey Drill – learn about what resources can benefit you most during isolation and quarantine to best prepare you for when things open up *fingers crossed* soon.

With quarantines and isolation, many players no longer have access to their teams, facilities, nor coaching. While binging Tiger King (“hey all you cool cats ‘n kittens”) or seeing the shenanigans Marty Byrde is getting into in Ozarks is a thrill, we all know we have time on our hands to dedicate to growth and self-development. In the field hockey world, here are the top 4 ways to improve your training while navigating #HockeyAtHome.


1. Repetition of Skills

From speed dribbling back and forth, to working on one-handed stick-handling, working mastering a basic skill can create muscle memory to improve your technique for when you get back on the pitch. Susannah Townsend Field Hockey

Even top players like GB Women’s Hockey rockstar Susannah Townsend works on fundamentals to stay prepared: “I’m actually trying to work on a few stick skills, really simple stuff. Just knocking the ball back and forth. I highly recommend this is something that you do if you’re a hockey player because honestly, the worst thing when you get back playing is that your hands really really hurt.” 

Working on hand-eye coordination is another easy skill to repeat during this time, since it doesn’t require much equipment, and the results are significant. As easy as throwing a tennis ball (or rolled up sock) against a wall, or playing ping pong on an empty wall can help improve your reflexes during this time. 

For more ideas on at-home drills you can check out the community page here


2. Connect with a Uru International Player for a Private Lesson

While there are great workouts and challenges being posted online, one of the tough parts is that you can practice all day, but risk practicing incorrect form. To avoid injury and inaccurate techniques, there are resources for you. Uru Sports, a global online community for hockey players, is offering Uru Virtual Coaching

Here, you would get one-on-one training and live feedback via webcam from elite athletes like Pat Harris, David Ames, Dirkie Chamberlain, Abi Raye, Ireen van den Assem, and more. They are also providing free workout plans, and video critiques through their virtual coaching. You can sign up here.


3. Learn from the hockey community

The sports community is global and full. There are more online resources available than ever before. You can find more resources on tips, tricks, fitness exercises, and more, all online and on social media. Online, you can join a webinar at little to no cost to learn a specific skill or topic. This week, GB Hockey’s David Ames is running a Uru Sports Live Lesson to help our game through 1v1 attacking skills and deception skills.

Apart from social media, Uru Sports is also posting new videos every Sunday evening (classsssic Game of Thrones style) for members to attempt new skills every week.


You are now able to make a profile for free on the Uru App, see new videos posted to the community, and post videos of your own to share with teammates, coaches, and other players worldwide. 


4. It’s OK! Give into the online challenges

And lastly…it’s ok to give into the challenges you may be tagged in. Now’s the time to get creative, try new skills, and make a TikTok or two. 

Joining the #GameFaceChallenge? Attempted ten pushups in the #pushupchallenge? What about the #UruPlankChallenge? Whatever it may be, get creative, and never stop. If you’re looking to get more involved, avenues like Uru Sports, Real Hockey, Self-Pass, the The Hockey Family, and more are constantly being active to best serve you, the athlete, to give you the tools you need to enjoy the sport, even during #HockeyAtHome. Continue to check out social media posts, websites, and the Uru App to find the latest on what you need to succeed. 


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Cover photo by Lucie Ehrmann, Article photo by Susannah Townsend.

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