The Top 8 Cities to Play In Around the World

The sports world is filled with adventure. There are so many exciting moments an athlete faces during their athletic career. Among these are building strong, long lasting relationships with your team, winning challenging games, and consistently pushing yourself to work harder. But what is arguably the best part about playing sports? The ability to play all over the world.

If you love to play sports and travel to different countries, consider moving to a new city and playing a sport there! This may sound daunting and like a bit of a struggle to choose where you want to move to and if you’re going to like it, but don’t worry, you’re in luck! At Uru Sports, our members are located all around the world, in 28 different countries to be exact. We asked them and they answered. Below are the TOP 8 cities you must play in around the world and why.

#8. Rome, Italy

Coming in at #8, the city of Rome makes its mark on the leaderboard. Sitting in the western coast with a population of roughly 3 million people, lies Italy’s well-known capital. Rome is known for its amazing food, stunning architecture, and people from all over. Rome’s history is of such that should not be overlooked. While history and culture is very important to the Romans, so are sports. They are die-hard fans and love to cheer on their teams. Italy is also home to some of the best leagues in basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Players here can get paid higher salaries, but competition is tough.

You can spend your day off exploring the city, learning about the different historic structures or amazing artwork within the museums and end the day with aperitivos (essentially an Italian happy hour). Living in Rome is not too expensive for how big and beautiful the city is. The average cost of a meal in Rome should cost you around €15, which is roughly $17.52. Other metrics are as follows:

Given Rome’s beauty, exceptional culture, and amazing sports fans, it absolutely deserves a spot on this list.

#7. Tokyo, Japan

The #7 spot goes to Tokyo, Japan! As Japan’s capital, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan in the world, hosting over 36 million people across three prefectures. Tokyo is known for its vast variety of cuisine and amazing modern architecture throughout the city. You would never run out of time shopping, exploring, or eating in this beautiful metropolis. Among this, the culture in Tokyo is one of the best and includes some of the best entertainment in the world. Consider it the New York City of Japan. 


When it comes to sports, Tokyo is no novice. The city alone has held the Olympics three times and was scheduled to host again in 2020 (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) pushing it to 2021. The people have and will continue to love their sporting events. We talked with Japanese national field hockey player, Aki Yamada, who has played in Tokyo. She mentioned the vast opportunities to meet new people and make connections in and outside of the sport. In addition to this, she said that most people who play in Tokyo have a full time job or are a student on the side since the level of playing hockey there is more social rather than professionals, so a work-life balance is possible. According to Yamada,, “It is super convenient and fun to live in Tokyo!”


Although living in Tokyo is a little pricey, you can travel to see the beauty the city offers just about anywhere by using public transportation. The attraction of the city itself and the sports culture alone are enough to put Tokyo in its rightful place on this list!

#6. Hamburg, Germany

Taking over the number six spot, we have Hamburg! Located in the northern port of Germany, this city holds just about 1.8 million people. Hamburg offers many things for you to do on your day off such as visiting one of the many parks and restaurants which are great! In addition to this, Berlin is close by and allows for many excursions and activities on the weekends or during your time off. Given the larger size of Hamburg, there is still a great sense of community and it does not actually feel too big or overwhelming due to many different unique districts. Living in Hamburg comes pretty easy with cheap prices on food and drink and easy transportation.

When it comes to the sports side of things, Germans are avid sports fans. The main sport in this country is soccer (like most European countries); however, the next two most popular sports to play are field hockey and basketball! Hamburg on the other hand is known as the hockey capital of the world! When speaking with Uru A-Team member, Malin Evert, she stated that there are so many great hockey teams and a lot of them play in the first Bundesliga. In addition to this, we got insight from Uru A-Team and Team USA member, Pat Harris. Harris has played all around the world starting at age 15. He said that Hamburg has 5 men’s and 4 women’s teams in the top division. Harris also told us that Hamburg deserves a spot on this list due to its beauty. Hamburg rightfully deserves its spot on our list due to its uniqueness and extensive sports opportunities!

#5. Antwerp, Belgium

Landing the fifth spot on our list is the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp’s population is much smaller than our previous four picks, with a population of just under 500,000 people. Antwerp is located on the beautiful Sheldt River which allows for scenic views amidst the city. Like many other cities in Europe, football (soccer) is the most popular sport; however, there are many other sports played there. These include: field hockey, tennis, cycling, and others!

Although Antwerp is one of the smaller cities on our list, that is not an excuse to overlook it. Antwerp is a short drive from larger countries such as Germany and Holland, which allows for super affordable and fun weekend trips! Antwerp’s location, beautiful scenery and cheap living earned its spot on our list!

#4. London, England

In the #4 spot, London takes it! London, England is one of the most famous cities in the world, up there with New York City. There are about 9 million people that live here and over 300 languages spoken, thus making it very diverse. 


We spoke with top field hockey athlete Lauren Turner on her thoughts about living in London. She told us,I would say it’s a big city with lots to offer and various areas are good for different things. Fully embrace being a tourist – there’s plenty to see and do for all interests and budgets. Don’t underestimate the size of it… 40 minutes is considered an acceptable journey time to meet a friend and you can get from one city to another in other parts of the country in that time! Be aware of the fast train lines as some places that look further afield can get you into the city quicker than those that are geographically closer so it’s worth considering clubs that aren’t in the city itself too.


When it comes to sports, London is an expert. They have hosted the Olympics on three separate occasions. Their main sport is soccer, but have gotten involved with the NFL in recent years. Other sports include rugby, basketball, field hockey, and many more!

As Turner said, living in London would never get boring due to the amount of things offered, given how large the city is. Given the city itself and the sports atmosphere, London deserves its rightful spot on this list.

#3. Barcelona, Spain

Claiming the number 3 spot, we have the beautiful city of Barcelona. There are not too many bad things one could say about Barcelona, it has it all! The city, mountains, and even the beach (not to mention the amazing weather). This Spanish city of around 1.62 million people is filled with culture, traditions, and great food. There are a million things you can do on your day off whether you explore the historical buildings or spend the day at the beach, you could never get bored.

One of the best parts about Barcelona is how committed the people are to their sports. The metros and streets are filled with team flags and colors and people are constantly sporting their team’s gear. Barcelona held the Olympics in 1992 and since then have become one of the best cities to play a sport in. Soccer is huge here, but so is basketball, rugby, football, and many others. Given Barcelona’s beauty, culture, and pride for its sports teams, it deserves its number 3 spot on our list!

#2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Claiming the number 2 spot on our list is the famous city of Amsterdam. As the Netherland’s capital, Amsterdam is home to about 822,000 people and is filled with a great amount of history and excitement. You can spend your days off going to the museum district and visiting places such as the Van Gogh museum, the Heinken experience, and many others. One of the most exciting, and fun parts about living in Amsterdam is the fact that riding bikes everywhere is commonplace. This makes getting around the city easier than by foot or car. If you want a break from these options, you always have the choice to take transportation to the water by taking a boat through the canals that run throughout the city.

When it comes to sports, Amsterdam is one of the best places to be. With soccer being the number one sport played here, the fans are always excited for a game. Following closely behind soccer is field hockey, cycling, tennis, and golf! With Holland’s field hockey team being one of the best in the world, you can see kids as young as 6 years old begin diving into the athletic world of hockey and other sports. Although prices of living in Amsterdam are a little on the higher side, the beauty and excitement of the city is enough to overcome the price. For these reasons, Amsterdam earns its solid spot at number two on our list.

#1. Perth, Austrailia

Finally, the number 1 spot goes to…the beautiful city of Perth! Perth is located on the beaches of western Australia with a population of roughly 2 million people. Although the population is higher, there is still a smaller city feel, making the move not as daunting. Anyone who knows Perth knows how amazing it is to live there. The weather is always going to be your best friend as it is the sunniest city in all of Australia. If you want a break from spending your day at one of the 19 different beaches, there are many other amazing places to travel to in the city such as walking around the Botanic gardens or going on a food tour through the Swan Valley vineyards. In addition to this, given its location, you have the ability to travel to incredible places such as Bali or India being that they are so close. The culture surrounding this city is incredible as well. The people are incredibly welcoming, nice, and understand the work-life balance so there are many opportunities to work, play sports, travel, etc.

The sports world in Perth is very diverse with sports such as field hockey, rugby, basketball, soccer, the Australian football league, soccer, and more! The biggest sport in Perth is field hockey. The hockey season in Perth runs from early April through the end of September. There are 22 teams total with 12 men’s league teams and 10 women’s league teams. According to Japanese National Team player Aki Yamada, who also played in Perth, “Australian hockey is very aggressive. It’s fun and exciting!” Aki also noted that those who play in the first division of hockey in WA have great individual skills and have the ability to eliminate opponents by skillful dribbling and passing. Lastly, Yamada noted, “WA was just a beautiful place to live in. I loved watching sunsets every day!” Overall, Perth is a beautiful place to live and allows for a competitive platform to play sports in, which is why it landed the number 1 spot on our list!

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