Uru/Gryphon World Team Travels to Tokyo 2020


Uru Sports has partnered with Gryphon to bring a Uru/Gryphon World Team to the 2020 Tokyo Cup. Located at Waseda University, 4 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams will battle it out to win the international field hockey competition. The teams come from around the world, and the Uru/Gryphon World Team is comprised of some of the best global players in the hockey community.

The Men’s and Women’s Uru/Gryphon World Teams consists of 12-15 players from around the world – USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, and more. The teams have also invited a few local Japanese players to join and provide insight into both playing techniques and culture. 

Over 200 men and women from 20 countries applied to join the team through Uru’s recruitment platform in January. Similar to Uru’s current university and club recruitment process, team members were selected based off of their Athlete Profiles. “The players’ resumes and personalities shown through their profiles, which was step one in the selection process,” said Naomi Evans, former Hockeyroo and co-coach of the 2019 Uru World Team. The top 15 candidates were selected to participate in the Gryphon Tokyo Cup this March.

With the motto of “No Borders. Just Sports,” Uru is creating cross-cultural opportunities for field hockey athletes worldwide through events like the Gryphon Tokyo Cup. “It’s incredible to see how sport unites people from all over the world,” said Uru Sports founder, Ainsley McCallister. “We’re excited to take part in this event and help bring international hockey attention to Tokyo leading up to the 2020 Olympics.”

Gryphon invited Uru Sports to partner for the 2020 tournament based on the elite level of players using the recruitment platform and its international network. “We’re thrilled to have the Uru Sports Team playing in this year’s tournament,” said Gryphon Marketing Director Lucas Sevestre. “Field hockey brings people from all over the world together, and this team is a perfect representation of that. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the field at the end of February.”

Participants benefit not only from the competitive level of play, but also from the exposure to other cultures and communities through the competition. “Many people want to experience the world through hockey but aren’t able to commit to a six-month season abroad like other Uru athletes,” said Evans, “This tournament opens doors for athletes to get the global hockey experience and build international community in a short window of time.”

See below for the full announcement of the 2020 Men’s and Women’s Uru/Gryphon World Team for the Tokyo Cup. 

Uru Gryphon Tokyo 2020 Team

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