Uru Sports Reveals Ambassador Program: The A-Team

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Uru Sports is proud to announce our ambassador program: The A-Team! We’ve established a team of elite athletes from over 10 countries to share their insider knowledge and experiences with the hockey community. We’re excited to have them on board to help shape Uru and provide insight into what resources athletes really need. These athletes have truly lived the Uru Story and embody our core values below. We’re thrilled to give them a global platform and create a team of accomplished hockey stars who share the same passions: take advantage of all hockey has to offer, make a large influential impact, and strengthen the hockey world.

Uru Values That Our A-Team Lives

  • Integrity In Transparency: Through telling their story, our A-Team athletes are divulging what it takes to find success in field hockey, and what they’ve learned from obstacles – and that’s not easy. They have the integrity to share their truths to our community and add accurate information on the realities of playing globally.
  • Go!: The A-Team engages the communities they play in. Several members travel abroad and play on teams where they don’t know the language or teammates before venturing overseas. They embrace the adventure.
  • Be A Team: Our A-Team members have played on a multitude of teams – some have even crossed paths on the same or opposing teams. From around the world, we’re creating one cohesive team to be the best together.
  • Unleash Joy: When building our team, Uru took into account those who have the personality to persevere through the ups and downs of sports. Overall, the A-Team is a competitive and optimistic group ready to find the best out of each experience.
  • Inspire Excellence: From possessing world-class skills and multiple Olympic appearances, to being amazing humans, our A-Team is truly a group of role models on and off the pitch. They’re driven and motivated to be the best, and help inspire others reach their full potential.

So who is on our A-Team, you ask? See below for a glimpse into the team!


Pat Harris on Team USA playing field hockeyPat Harris: Originally from Moorpark, California, Harris has found international success in hockey, playing for the top league, Hoodfklasse, in Holland and 1. Bundesliga in Germany. Now on Team USA, Harris utilizes his global experience to enhance his game. He describes his style of play as: “entails quick changes of direction, running with the ball at speed, as well as technical and dynamic ability.” To follow more of his hockey journey and learn more about his success, follow him here.



Aki Yamada on Japan's National Team for Field HockeyAki Yamada: Yamada is a member of the Japanese National Hockey Team for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. She has also played in Australia and England for the Westside Wolves and Leicester Hockey Club. In addition to seeking a gold medal, Yamada plays for Coca-Cola Red Sparks. According to Yamada, she’s not done yet, she’s: “looking for an opportunity to play overseas again after the Olympics.” Follow her journey here.



Australian Goalkeeper Rassie Pieterse waves to hockey fansRassie Pieterse: South African National team goalkeeper, Rassie Pieterse, participated in Beijing, London, and now Tokyo Olympics. Apart from multiple Olympic appearances, Pieterse has experienced high-level play in the Hoofdklasse in Holland, African Cup in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Egypt, the Commonwealth Games and World Cup in India. And those are just a few of his accomplishments! See more of Pieterse’s experiences, watch highlights, and observe goalie training sessions here.



Global hockey phenomenon Sofi Viarengo playing field hockeySofi Viarengo: Another international star, Argentinian Viarengo has played in Argentina, Belgium, England, Australia, and Spain. Her past teams include Popeye Béisbol Club, Jockey Club Salta, Royal Victory Hockey Club, Holcombe Hockey Club, North West Hobart Graduates Hockey Club, and RC Jolaseta. With her several successes on the pitch, Viarengo aims to “be able to adapt myself to a different style of hockey” through playing globally. To see where she goes next, and to learn more about her successes, follow her here.



We will continue to highlight and reveal the rest of our team in upcoming months. Keep an eye on our social channels, blog, and community to follow the rest of our A-Team!


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Harris photo contributed by Dirk Markgraf.

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