Uru Sports to Take Elite World Field Hockey Team to Tokyo – Will you be on it?

gryphon tokyo cup 2019Join the Gryphon Tokyo Cup 2019 – March 1-3

Uru Sports is taking a womens ‘world team’ to Tokyo to compete in the Gryphon Tokyo Cup March 1st – March 3rd.

Last year was the first year of this cup and it was men only. This year Gryphon is opening the cup up to four womens teams, one being the Uru Sports World Team. We are honored and stoked to offer this opportunity to our Uru Athletes.


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Why is Uru taking a Team?

No Borders. Just Sports. Is our motto.  It’s incredible how sport unites people from across the world and we couldn’t be more excited to take part in this and help bring international hockey attention to Tokyo leading up to the 2020 Olympics.

Many people want to experience the world through hockey but aren’t in places of their lives to go for a six month season abroad.  This tournament opens up doors for people to get the global hockey experience and build international community in a short window of time.


Why join the Uru team?

If you come you will enjoy:

  • Elite international competition
    • As we are competing against elite local Japanese Teams and a Gryphon team from Australia
  • Learn and experience playing styles from all parts of the world
    • The Japanese style of play is very structured while the Australian Style of play is much more free and attacking. Our team will have a mix of players from many countries and vibes.
  • Experience Tokyo
    • You wont just be a classic tourist as we will be shown the city by the Japanese team and have a tournament wide sushi and sake night.
  • Build a community and make friends from around the world
    • Not only will you play hard and see experience but you’ll make amazing lasting memories with new people from all parts of the world. You may think you’ll never see them again but trust us, it’s  extremely special and invaluable!
  • Have an absolute ball
    • Unlike when on an international tour and being locked in your hotel room to best preform this is completely about the whole experience. We are looking for athletes who will take the matches seriously and preform when they step on the pitch and then will be keen to engage and live it up with the Australian team, men’s team and Japanese teams!

Are you in?!

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And forthose who still need persuading….

so you’re in…. why not also commit to….

Gryphon 2019 Ski Trip:

Further building on the community aspect, the Gryphon Team has invited any of the Uru team members to stick around for a 3 day ski trip at Nagano  (2.5 hours from Tokyo).  Gryphon is organizing a house based on interest. Obviously optional but strongly encouraged for any or all. Not only will the group be epic but the powder is truly renown.


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Jonathon and founder of Uru Sports chat strategy
Jonathon of Gryphon and founder of Uru Sports Ainsley McCallister planned this at the Hockey World Cup and both couldn’t be more excited to bring this opportunity to the hockey world… Join us for a competitive tournament, full of fun!


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