LEAP Worldwide has since been rebranded as Uru Sports

With reading this blog you will gain insight on initial original vision/thinking behind Uru Sports. You will also see how hard we’ve been working from the beginning.

Welcome to LEAP Worldwide – the global sports platform connecting, educating, and enabling athletes and coaches to capitalize on international opportunities.

What we value

At LEAP Worldwide, the team is dedicated to delivering a service and product that will help our users accomplish our core values:

    About where your sport can take you.
    There are so many opportunities out there that you know nothing about!

    The Journey.
    Life is short, a season abroad is shorter… Before you know it, it’s over.  Connect with others to help inform yourself where’s a perfect fit & what to expect/do, so that you can make the most of your time abroad!

    Whatever they may be… from traveling the world through your sport to improving your game with international competition experience.

    Contribute knowledge and give feedback.  If together we build upon our knowledge and connections, the world of sport could be even smaller, and much easier to navigate, with many more opportunities found.


What we’ve built

In 6 months….
An app where athletes and coaches can make profiles, highlight their skill sets and explore playing opportunities around the globe.  Be patient, the app is in an early stage of development and a huge part of the growth plan is based on you! The on-going updates and development will reflect your feedback to make it more user friendly and to provide you the best information and experience. Let us know what YOU want so we can assist your LEAP dream!

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Additionally, we have built a website showcasing inspiring ‘LEAP stories’ and a blog where you can hear from people who have already taken the LEAP worldwide!

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Where we’re heading

We believe that a lack of information and inability to connect, shouldn’t be a barrier to international sporting success. At LEAP Worldwide we have seen that there is no limit to what people can do through their sport.  We’re a thoughtful, tight-knit team whom have experienced first hand the challenges faced by individuals looking to spend a season abroad or recruit an athlete. We are committed to making an international sporting opportunity not only possible, but an easily traversed reality. We are making the world of sport smaller and far easier to connect with.

LEAP Worldwide was launched with Field Hockey as its pilot, but excitingly, we are close to launching further sports soon! An exciting step towards reaching our goal of one day having every Olympic sport available.

Further, Wednesday next week will see the start of our regular e-newsletter, which week to week will provide information such as; current worldwide opportunities, specific field hockey locations and featured athletes. As always, we welcome your participation and feedback, so get in touch!

We hope you love your experience LEAPing Worldwide!

-The LEAP Worldwide Team



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