Aki Yamada Japan Hockey

Aki Yamada

Hometown/Country: Osaka, Japan

Current Team: Coca-Cola Red Sparks

Hockey Journey/Summary:

I started Playing hockey when I was 12 years old, I have played in Japan, Australia and England. I can meet new people, learn new culture and the most importantly the experience make me grow as a person and player.

Why you’re passionate about Uru:

I had the best time playing club hockey in Australia and thanks to Uru Sports, I was able to play top-level club hockey in England after Australia. I used Uru’s services to connect me with both club teams and their current players. Now, I play for the Coca-Cola Red Sparks. I’m a member of the Japanese national hockey team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  The connections received through Uru have been very helpful and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year!


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