Ally Hammel

Hometown/Country: Duxbury, Massachusetts USA

Sports Journey/Summary:

Playing for clubs like HTC on the east coast, Hammel went on to play at Boston University, becoming an All-American and going on to play for the USA Women’s National Team. In 2018, she joined our Uru World Team to Tokyo, and played against Japanese national team players to help prepare her for the US National Team.


Why are you passionate about Uru Sports?

“I am honored to be an ambassador for Uru and the sport in general. I want people to hear about field hockey through the stuff that I do. I want to continue to help others fully take advantage of everything hockey has to offer. I love giving back to the people in the community, especially the younger girls looking to play and have this dream. They deserve someone who can be a mentor for them, ask questions to, and will be there for them.”