Dirkie Chamberlain South Africa hockey

Dirkie Chamberlain

Hometown/Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Current Team: South African National Team

Hockey Journey/Summary

I started at age 14. Started playing overseas age 24 in Holland and played in England and Belgium. Learned many different styles and to adapt to different teams and get out of your comfort zone.

Why are you passionate about Uru?

Uru is a great platform to get to know people and grow the hockey family.

What’s your Uru Story?

When deciding to go to Australia, I used Uru’s services to help me figure out which club to go play for there. I was told more about what to expect from the club hockey leagues across the country, as well as other additional hockey opportunities found in the specific areas. I was connected with multiple different clubs and the conversations of deals began. I also received great advice helping me make my final decision on which area and team to play for and what work to try to find while there, all from many connections received through Uru. I am very excited!


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Photo courtesy of Look On Images