Haley Rosen Just Women's Sports

Haley Rosen

Hometown: Los Angeles

Sports Journey/Summary: 

I played soccer at Stanford and had a brief professional career in the US and abroad. 

Where all has soccer taken you, and what doors has it opened? 

Soccer has taken me all over the world. I played soccer in pretty much every state in the US and have spent time in the UK and Sweden pursuing my sport. I ended up having an early retirement due to injuries, but soccer has been such a big part of my journey so far and has really impacted me as a person.

I have had so many incredible opportunities because of soccer. I have met the most amazing people playing my sport. The friendships, camaraderie…these women are incredibly inspiring and are a big reason that I’m creating Just Women’s Sports.

Why you’re excited/passionate about Uru’s mission?: 

I love the idea of democratizing access to opportunity, especially on the women’s side since it’s such a rapidly evolving space. I think right now, a lot of very talented players miss out on opportunities (or on other side team’s miss out on talented players) simply because there is no way to make the connection. Right now, it really comes down to who you know or getting agents involved, which doesn’t always make a ton of sense. As women’s sports continues to grow there is more and more opportunity, so providing access to players, teams, clubs, etc. is really powerful and something that I think will impact sports for the better.

Advice you’d give to the sports community?:

Let’s keep going! There is so much good happening in the space and so much movement and excitement, and I think it’s on all of us to keep driving it forward.