Kim Leiper

Name: Kim Leiper

Home Town/Country: Nottingham, UK

Current Club: Beeston Hockey Club

Hockey Journey/Summary:

“I started playing at school, but didn’t really take it seriously until I was 15/16. I’ve played club in England, Australia and Spain.” Leiper was also a part of our Uru World Team in Tokyo & Boston.

Why you’re excited/passionate about Uru:

While on the A-Team, Leiper has helped bring our vision to life through graphic design assistance, and facilitating our partnership with the large retailer Gryphon Hockey. Apart from assisting with the company’s development, she’s lived it: “[I’m excited] because I believe traveling with sport has been totally life changing for me and I would love to encourage more people to be a part of it.”

Advice you give to the hockey community:

I would encourage people to travel, at least once to play their sport and meet new people, but most of all to always embrace it… cherish each moment and opportunity that comes your way.