Kwan Browne Hockey

Kwan Browne

Hometown/Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Hockey Journey/Summary

As a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Kwan Browne was told that athletic, academic scholarships were only given to girls to go to the US, and that boys don’t have the opportunity to obtain field hockey scholarships around the world…

He is now is hailed as one of the best players in England’s Club league and helps coach the Great Britain National Teams. See more about his journey on our featured blog post here.


Why are you passionate about Uru?

Uru is great for both players and coaches. For coaches, it’s a great platform to get in contact with interested players and to get a better idea of the player you’re going to meet. As a player, it’s a great avenue to be seen, learn about your opportunities and find out what you’re getting into!


Want to learn more about his journey? Click here!


Photo courtesy of The Drag Flick