Liné Malan

Liné Malan

Hometown/Country: Paarl, South Africa

Current Team: Hale Hockey Club and South African Women’s Hockey Team


Sports Journey/Summary:

I’m a South African International attacking midfielder who is always willing to learn, improve and gain experience. I have been fortunate enough to have been granted the opportunity of playing abroad for Canterbury HC and Holcombe HC in England and Hale HC in Australia.🏑

Why are you passionate about Uru?

Basically, in South Africa, you always play in your comfort zone. Playing abroad challenges you and you have to slip out of your comfort zone. It is tough, the speed and quality and strength you have to have playing internationally. Uru will be beneficial for anyone that partakes in international endeavors. I had hardly any connections – I didn’t have the opportunity to know about about the club, where they are in the league, the coach and so on, so Uru will benefit you know where you’re going and chat with people about their experience there. I think it’s great to have something like this. Learn more about her experience playing globally here.