UNC Chapel Hill Field Hockey Malin Evert

Malin Evert

Hometown/Country: Bad Schwartau, Germany

Current Team: University of Nottingham


Sports Journey/Summary

I started playing in Lübeck Germany, transferred to Hamburg in 2009 to play for UHC and then I moved to the United States in 2015 to play for the university of North Carolina. Currently, I am in Nottingham, England playing for the school and getting my masters degree. This journey shaped me so much as a person and has allowed me to easily adjust to new places through hockey. The instant great connection to team members made transitions easy and made adapting to a new culture quicker. My hockey has given me the chance to access great education, create long term friendships and to get to know other places.

Why are you passionate about Uru?

Because it reflects exactly what the hockey community is about: playing the sport you live while getting to know a new culture and new people through the sport. Having had the ability to play in other countries showed me the great impact this has had on my confidence, my openness to new cultures and my education.

What advice do you have for the hockey community?

Use the sport of hockey to travel, meet new people, build confidence and to get to know new cultures