Uru sports field hockey expert Mathew Cobbaert

Mathew Cobbaert

Mathew Cobbaert

Home Town: Antwerp, Belgium

Home Team: KHC Dragons, Brasschaat, Belgium

Current Club: HC Den Bosch, ‘s-Hertogenbosch , Netherlands

Hockey Journey/Summary:

I have had the privilege to have played for 19 years at my home club KHC Dragons winning 4 national titles and 3 EHL medals. In 2016 I decided to go on an adventure to Spain. In Spain I played for the awesome Club de Campo Villa de Madrid in the greatest city of Spain where I also did an internship. During the summer of 2017, I traveled with some friends through the USA visiting some of the hockey summer camps at the most elite colleges of the country. After that year in Madrid I moved to The Netherlands to play for HC Den Bosch which has one of the best infrastructure of the Dutch hockey league. Throughout those years I have had the honor to represent Belgium in the youth teams getting some European titles (U18 2009, U18 2011, U21 2012) and play the European Cup in London with the men’s team.

Why you’re excited/passionate about Uru:

It makes the hockey community come together on one easy platform.

Advice you give to the hockey community:

Just do it! It looks like a terrifying step but wherever you are thinking of going to, you will have a great time. It is an added value for your hockey career and also for yourself as an individual.