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Wendela van Dedem

Hometown/Country: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Current Team: THC Hurley


Hockey Journey/Summary:

I’ve started playing when I was 7 years old at my local club HCKZ. This really feels like my second home. For 15 years I played at that club and made some friends for live. Played together with Marcelle Keet who I’ve met in Tokyo again and Alex Danson who I of course still follow! My connection with the club is still big. Right now I connected Tinesha with the club and she is playing for them this season! When I moved to Amsterdam I needed a club a bit closer so I went to play at Rood Wit. Had an amazing time but the level wasn’t challenging enough. After two years I got to the chance to play at Hurley at the highest level. Never left. This season I got Maddie Dowe to live and play in Amsterdam which is an amazing added value. Also aUru friend.

Why are you passionate about Uru?:

Hockey connects in an amazing way. Because of the friends I’ve made through Uru I got to make this trip through New Zealand and Australia. Everyone is opening up their homes for me. I hope I can inspire other people to travel through hockey. Even though it might not even be to play the sport but just for fun and to meet new hockey people. Uru will give me the chance to play abroad when I want to!


Photo courtesy of kbfoto.nl