Field hockey expert Will Byas for Uru Sports

Will Byas

Name: Will Byas

Home Town/Country: Driffield, England.
Home Club: Driffield HC
Current Club: Hampstead and Westminster

Hockey Journey:

I started playing National league at Doncaster Hockey club in the North Conference then went on to University of Birmingham for 4 years. I played for England U-21 and Beeston HC for a couple of years. I then played abroad for a year for Westside Wolves in Perth, WA and now play for Hampstead and Westminster in the English Premier League.

Why you’re excited/passionate about Uru:

I’m passionate about URU because I had the best year abroad playing for Wolves and that was only through top contacts that I have. I’m lucky my contacts were connected to such a great club. A company solely designed to allow players to have the experience that we had playing abroad is hugely beneficial for both clubs and individuals. It will make it a lot easier and therefore there will be a lot more people enjoying the experience of playing abroad like I did.

Advice you give to the hockey community:

For players, just need to go for it. Playing abroad was one of the best experiences I have had and all because we just threw ourselves into it. We have now made friends for life from across the world and will always look to go back to Wolves in the future.
Coaches, there are so many great players out there that would be willing to come out and they just need that extra push/incentive. Drop as many messages as possible as it’ll be that final nudge for a lot of people which could be end up having a huge impact for the club.