Will Holt

Name: Will Holt

Home Town/Country: Camarillo, CA USA

Current Club: Coach for Indiana University

Hockey Journey/Summary:

Began playing in 2000. Since the summer of 1996, Holt has dreamt of representing the United States and competing in an Olympic Games. He was immediately attracted to field hockey’s fast pace and high intensity in 2000 when he attended a two-week physical education course held at his elementary school. The mental and physiological challenge of the game keeps Holt coming back for more. Hockey has taken Will around the world, including Auckland, New Zealand, where he received his first international cap with Team USA, to compete against the best players in the world. As a force to be reckoned with in the circle and a prominent scorer for Team USA, Holt continues to make strives in turning his goal of competing in an Olympic Games a reality.

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Advice you give to the hockey community:


Interview & story details provided by Holt & Team USA